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Hello! I'm Sam and hey-stella.com was born in the New Year of 2017 in celebration of the fresh start of a new home, new energy, and a newfound positivity that my life was indeed amazing because I decided to make it so - encompassing all the messy and magical facets of what I proclaimed #MyBeautifulRealLife, with a desire to inspire others to celebrate theirs.


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I've since taken my readers and viewers on adventures travelling the world; inspiring them to find their own fashion voice for their personality, budget and lifestyle; decorating and indulging their interior design dreams; discovering all things beauty; going behind the scenes on the journey that is health and wellness; getting poetical about personal development; and sharing my tips on styling a life they love.

Much like my blog, I have grown and changed over the years, but I remain true to my creatively curious senses, work ethic and penchant for a little luxury. I have been fortunate enough to work with both small unique startups and some big online brands such as PrettyLittleThing and Tobi as I carve out a space for myself.



Fast forward and 2019 was a transformational year in many ways around the globe, and for me it was the tipping point of my awakening, where I could no longer languish in the spiritual closet. After years of communicating with spirits, learning the power of my empathic sensitivities, studying and practicing NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), harnessing the Law of Attraction, and culminating in creating my Crystal Kits and Desire Deck - it was time to follow the call of my soul with the intention to do the healers work for a living.

I doubled down on detoxing my life - people, places, things, and thoughts - and emerged from the pandemic period profoundly broken down and rebuilt. 



In 2023 I completed a deep dive into the Tarot with Hay House, created over 1,000 videos and twice as many individual readings, and became a Reiki Usui Level 2 Practitioner, offering these healing modalities back in my hometown of Port Macquarie on the east coast of Australia.

I tap into all the clairs through this work, channeling mainly through clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, translating messages of hope, guidance and self healing for my clients both locally and online. I use tarot and oracle cards, crystals, dice, written channeled messages, natural objects, and both hands on and hands off energy healing in my intuitive divination delivery.


Today you will find my lifestyle posts here on the blog; pick a card tarot readings and spiritual download videos for the collective over on my YouTube channel; mini zodiac readings, plus behind the scenes of Hey Stella HQ on Instagram and Tik Tok; and offering both private readings and Reiki Healing in my local area. You'll also find me working on launching the next exciting installment of my brand, both in collaboration with other brands and of my own designs....and of course, occasionally still picking up the paintbrush!


Whether through lifestyle, fashion, interior design, travel, tarot, or the beauty of words - I wish to ignite confidence; inspire through the authentic struggle and strength of growth; create spaces of beauty and surrounded by it; and never stop exploring our inner and outer worlds with curiosity and care. 



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