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Abstract Art Commissions are NOW OPEN for Port Macquarie & Surrounds


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Commission Guidelines

I often paint with no idea of how a piece will turn out - and that is the fun of it and the search of it, bringing out what each mark made reveals with more marks made. I can start with a colour or a stroke that feels right and instinctively flow from there.

With commissioned work, the client often comes with specific ideas about how a piece will turn out that may vary from how it actually turns out, as the painting takes on a life and character of its own. To avoid aiming for perfection (which can look contrived), I aim for a reflection of the style, theme, mood or feeling you express you'd like.

I take your rough idea of size, colour, style and if there's any previous work of mine you enjoy as guidelines for the natural progression of a piece to freely evolve. So, by engaging in a commissioned artwork, you agree to be open to a certain level of stylisation and interpretation of the subject matter. 

Two changes to the piece can be made, after which any further changes usually mean it's time to leave it as making too many adjustments destroys the spontaneous nature of the work I create. If there is an instance where the commission did not work out we can sell the piece in my gallery (depending how personal the commission was), and we can discuss whether we try again or not. 

"The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before."
- Neil Gaiman 



When providing images it’s best to send a selection of 3-4 in as high resolution as possible. I will know when I see the image if it's something I can do or something we can try. I generally paint quite bold compositions, landscapes, nature and objects with imperfect detail or fluid abstraction - as can be seen in my previous works. I am not your go-to for super realistic portraits, but if like the idea of a truly unique expression of something, l'd love to hear from you. 



As each painting requires space to form I can only give rough timeframes. The standard is 2 weeks - 2 months depending on level of  complexity and if all changes are communicated promptly. If there’s a particular date the work is required by I will endeavour to meet that with respectful notice. Please note, I will adjust the commissions open period throughout the year for particularly busy periods or travel and you will always be notified of your waitlist times and your projects progress.



There is a $100 non-refundable deposit on all agreed upon quoted commissions with final payment due once the client is happy with the piece. Once the client has been notified of the completion of the commission and it has been approved they have one week to pay for the piece and 4 weeks to collect, after which the client will be charged a storage fee of $50/week. If the artwork is to be couriered, this will be included in the quote. Please see our shipping and pickup information for more.

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  • Every canvas varies in exact measurements so these are close estimates.
  • Final prices determined by your overall requirements.
  • Customised sizes will incur additional fees and are subject to availability.



60cm x 75cm $250
60cm x 90cm $280
60cm x 120cm $320
75cm x 100cm $300
90cm x 120cm $350
90cm x 180cm $380
100cm x 150cm $400
120cm x 180cm $480


75cm x 75cm $250
90cm x 90cm $300
100cm x 100cm $400


PLEASE NOTE commissions are only available to those in Port Macquarie, Hastings region at this stage and all prices are in AUD$.


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    Please attach 3-4 images (1MB+ each would be appreciated)


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    *All prices listed are in Australian dollars and subject to change at anytime.


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