3 Beauty Treatments To Make You Feel Brand New In 2020

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While some folk are out here obsessing over Christmas (guilty), there are likewise some that are already planning their 2020, and their “new year, new me.” While this may be an annoying catch-cry for some, it's also an opportunity to make some physical changes to your appearance if you've been 'waiting for the right time.' So, let's examine three super popular, albeit, kinda controversial beauty treatments that might just help you on your way to a new you this new year...or at least give you a little insight into what they are. 


Permanent Makeup Tattoos 

If you are somebody with thin or sparse brows and are continually attacking your face with an eyebrow pencil to give yourself thicker and fuller eyebrows, there is a different option. One of the most popular beauty treatments out there is right now is permanent eyebrow tattoos.

The one thing I've noticed that seems to put people off from eyebrow tattoos isn’t the tattoo itself, but in fact, the price. While this option is a little more expensive than a tint, you should work things out by looking at the bigger picture. You could justify the initial upfront cost of the eyebrow tattoo by comparing how much you spend over a year on eyebrow pencils, tints and time perfecting them in front of the mirror! Again, if done by a reputable and confident technician, you have stunning and natural-looking eyebrows to look forward to with nay a pencil in sight!



If you look in the mirror and find you are not completely happy at what you see, one option for you may be fillers. Fillers can be an incredible option for targeting wrinkles, lines and also volume loss. Of course, fillers aren’t necessarily just for the face, but one popular and relatively easy way to give yourself a brand new look is with lip fillers. Lip fillers can add volume to your lips if you have thin or uneven lips, and some claim they do wonders for your confidence. When done correctly, something as simple as lip augmentation can really give your entire face a brand new look, but of course, you do you boo!

"Beauty without grace is the hook without the bait."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Chemical Peel

The chemical peel is there for anybody who wants brighter skin that glows. Of course, we all want better skin, especially as the daily routine of makeup application can really take its toll. Chemical peels are a good way for people to see vast improvements in the texture of their skin and its tone. They can be especially useful for those who worship the sun and a chemical peel with TCA can really improve sun-damaged skin. There are many different types of chemical peels to choose from, so making sure to visit somebody with extensive knowledge is imperative.





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