5 Beauty Treatments For Lovers Of A Low Maintenance Life

Unless you choose to embrace your true natural beauty, you most likely wake up and have at least one beauty procedure that you have to go through before you leave the house. But for most of us, this one beauty procedure is actually more like three or four, and when you add them up it can total a fair bit of time that we spend making ourselves look *flawless* before we feel ready for the day. So if you’re ready to earn an extra few hours in bed or simply want to be a little lower maintenance these 5 beauty treatments might just be for you.


Eyelash Extensions

Applying mascara every day only to take it off every night can be a real pain and can also be quite damaging on our sensitive eye areas. If you are eternally in pursuit of longer, more luscious lashes, then look into having eyelash extensions applied instead. Eyelash extensions can be used to increase the length and thickness of your lash line and can be applied to give both natural and more dramatic effects that last for up to 5 weeks.


Eyebrow Microblading

If you spend hours drawing on your eyebrows each day then micro-blading could earn you those valuable hours back by semi-permanently filling your brows for you. During microblading, the therapist deposits tiny amounts of ink into the skin of the brow to resemble hairs, giving both shape and fullness to the brows. If you maintain your microbladed brows correctly then you may not need to pick up a brow pencil for a staggering 18 months! Check out this website for more information.


Lip Tattoos

Your brows aren’t your only feature that can benefit from a little extra ink, lip tattoos (also known as permanent lipstick) can help to enhance the natural look of your lips making them appear fuller and more defined. You can also use your lip tattoos as permanent lip liners and lipstick giving your lips a slightly enhanced version of their natural colour so that you needn’t grab your lipstick quite so often.


Laser Hair Removal

If you like to be silky smooth at all times, then it can feel a bit like groundhog day with body hair growing back so quickly even between waxes.  Laser hair removal, on the other hand, provides a more permanent low maintenance solution by stopping hair from growing back ever again, saving you money on razors and waxing appointments and giving you smooth hair-free skin. You can have laser hair removal performed on any part of the body including the bikini line, underarms, upper lip and legs.


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Semi-Permanent Hair Treatments

Perms may have gone out of fashion after the ’80s but they’re still one the best way to achieve more permanent hairstyling results if you're a curly kinda girl. Don’t be afraid of the old harsh chemicals that used to be associated with permed styles, with new technology you can now get perms that are much kinder to your hair and scalp. And, alternatively, there's semi-permanent hair straightening options for "I woke up like this" smooth locks!




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