Cultivate Self Care Practices to Overflow into Every Aspect of Your Life

I know I bang on about how self care is more than just long baths and face masks: that it's ALSO doing the things you know you need to do to change an unhappy situation; it's doing the work that only you can do that ultimately motivates you more than anyone else can; and it's learning and growing and becoming for your best healthy, wealthy, whole interests. Among other things.

But honestly (I'm actually kinda shocked that) I'm still shocked by how many people I talk to are not even doing the bath bit. Generally speaking, they aren't even taking nurturing care of themselves let alone financial or fulfillment care.

They're choosing the mindless binge TV, binge beverages, and superficial THE ONLY go-to's, and surprise, surprise, not even getting inspired there. Too much of this kinda chill feels UGH. Apathetic, aloof, bored, totally un-empowered. It's exhausting. I know, I've been there.

Queens, let us not waste our potential by choosing habits and thoughts that seem easy but are quicksand for spiralling guilt, shame, anxiety, and numbness.

We must constantly choose better. CONSCIOUSLY speak love over ourselves. Consciously make actual physical movements in another direction. Shake. It. Off.


The self care of walking a purposeful path towards your goals and dreams can be hard, feel scary AF, and requires some grit.
But sweat and even tears can be washed away and soothed in a tub later!

Balance babes. A good life, a life that excites and energises you is not always going to be even - THAT'S why there's so much emphasis on the beauty sleep and spiritual side of self care. It's for leveling, not for laziness.

Sit in nature rather than on the sofa and start with:

"I love you and I want the best for you." "You are capable of great things."
"Today, I take a step towards what I really want and I feel alive!"

BACK YOURSELF to feel better, that actually emboldens action.

Start with the bath, the affirmations, the vision board, then the plan, the breakdown,
then the first steps, next, and centre, step, and breathe, next, next, next...

Your own rhythm CAN BE CHILL if you desire ease and grace.
And it's entirely more chill to live the life of your dreams than watching others live theirs!





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