My First Yoga Mat & Why I Can’t Keep Off It

first yoga mat samantha clark


pink yoga mat love


samantha clark yoga mat love

So I finally got myself my very first yoga mat....And now I can't keep off it.

After a few uncomfortable experiences with yoga classes - but still knowing stretching and moving my body through yoga was something I needed to do - I attempted to do it on carpet, beach towels, grass and sand everywhere. Nothing was inspiring me let alone keeping me up in one position - I was slipping all over the place - and my practice was, well, not practiced.

So after making a mental list of prerequisites, I went in search of the perfect yoga mat for me.

Introducing the Falling in Pastel masterpiece from The Bowern.

Isn't she prettttyyyy?!

That was must-have number 1, closely followed by made with non-toxic material. This one is made of 100% biodegradable and recyclable rubber with a micro-fibre suede top (so luxe, so comfy). There's no latex, silicone, toxic glue, PVC or nasties, and it comes with a carry strap too.

I am chuffed - I love it!

I have it laid out constantly and it has magnetic powers, drawing me onto it, even just to sit.

I'm on it every day, multiple times a day, meaning I am meditating more, getting back to my angel cards and spending quiet moments in gratitude of the sunrise and sunset.

I have my little cheat sheet of poses for beginners and I do my own thing. And it feels amazing.


The Bowern ethos is much like my own, so it was a natural choice...especially in pink!

We’re inspired and magnetised by life. it’s vibrant colours, the movements, the beautiful chaos and how it ebbs & flows. Ever changing. We’re dreamers; swept away by the ocean & city folk; transfixed by fashion, urban design and wanderers moved by nature.


bowern yoga mat samantha clark


My body so needed this.

I just wasn't feeling good - feeling grounded - before, but with the mat, I am.
Sure it cost $127 to get that, but that's money well spent on my health and peace of mind.

What tweak have you made to your health and wellness that has made a
huge difference in your motivation and commitment?

Let me know in the comments below x


Lorna Jane AU, SG, EU



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