Take Your Time Back With These Speedy Beauty Hacks

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Be honest, how many times has getting ready for work in the morning caused you to run late? How many times has your significant other has poked their head around the bathroom door and impatiently tapped at their wrist? How many times has your partner been ready for a big party or event at least half an hour before you? We all have our beauty rituals before a night out… But if you want to get glam faster without compromising the flawless finish, you need these time-saving speedy beauty hacks. You're welcome, now enjoy all those extra minutes - or hours - of your life back!


Invest in Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent makeup has a range of advantages: It will never smudge or smear; you can be assured of a flawless finish day in and day out; and you need never worry about having to duck out to the bathroom to touch it up. While tattooed brows are currently having their moment in the spotlight, facial tattooing has been around for years, albeit, with an often less desirable reputation. Improvements in products, tools and training now makes, lids, lips, brows and beauty spots almost as common a treatment as any facial. And for good reason. The advantage of having semi-permanent eyeliner alone can spare you perfecting a painstaking part of your makeup every day while still allowing you to mix it up when it comes to other aspects of your look. The downfall? It will need to be maintained or eventually re-done, but if beauty is pain for your times gain, this can be a winner!


Moisturise in the Shower

If you’re plagued by dry or ashy skin, you know that stepping out in a little black cocktail dress without having moisturised can be a recipe for disaster. However, moisturising can be a time consuming endeavour. So kill two birds with one stone and apply an in-shower body lotion or dry body oil after washing. The warmth and moisture of the shower will open up your pores to allow the hydrating goodness to soak in so that you emerge from the shower squeaky clean and silky smooth. Double dose it by using a moistursing body wash free from nasty natural-oil stripping fillers and use daily. Staying hydrated is also a must for all over lit-from within skin!

“When I put on makeup, I'm not doing it to pander to antiquated patriarchal ideals of feminine beauty. I'm doing it because it makes me feel good.” 
― Sophia Amoruso


Use a microfibre towel to cut hair drying time

Absolutely nobody enjoys spending what feels like an eternity blow drying their hair only to find that despite your best efforts it still feels damp. The truth is that 80% of the time you spend blow drying is spent removing excess water from your hair. To save time, wrap your hair in a microfibre towel as soon as you step out of the shower. It will absorb most of the moisture while you go about your skincare regimen and allow you to speed up your blow drying time.


Fake Tan & False Lashes

This list of hacks would not be complete without talking tanning and lashes. Arguably, they are the hacks that make the biggest difference to your overall appearance (or confidence!) - and especially whilst on holidays - cuts your get ready time in half! You can choose to gradually add glow through a daily self-tanning moisturiser or opt for an all-over and even colour spray tan every other week for a summery, cellulite blurring look.

And for falsies and their dramatic eye defining effects, choose from a multitude of strip lashes each day or the more long-wearing semi-permanent eyelash extensions also available in multiple lengths and styles. Strip lashes might take more time to master at first, but once you go pro, they beat the time spent applying 4 coasts of various mascaras to get anywhere near the same effect. Protect the longevity of extensions with proper washing and brushing of the lashes and sleep on a silk pillowcase to prevent crushing.


Use one product for eyes, lips & cheeks

Finally, instead of taking the time to apply multiple products or guessing which shades will go well together, try using just one product for the holy trinity of eyes, lips and cheeks right after applying your foundation. A chubby pink makeup crayon, blossom coloured cream blush, or lip and cheek stain works best and can be easily blended with fingertips, foundation brush or beauty blender. It will make for a simple yet healthy look while also scything down the time it takes to get ready!


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What's your go-to get ready in a rush beauty hack?
Drop it below and help a sister out!
You look good girl.





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