The Beauty Lover’s Dressing Table Must-Have’s


When it comes to being a lover of makeup it's safe to say you have a lot of it - enough to make any makeup artist freak out and more than enough to dedicate an entire room to it.


(For such small items, makeup sure requires A LOT of storage! Go figure.) 

Even if you don't have the collection of a YouTube beauty guru it can still be difficult to organise everything into a space that you won’t have to constantly clean and tidy. And as you know when being creative with makeup it's only a matter of time before you get powder, liner, and liquid lipstick (amongst other things) literally everywhere.

You then waste way too much time cleaning up. (Or not...ewww.)

Low and behold, your dressing table is so stained you’re not sure what colour it used to be, and you can never find the makeup item you want because everything is thrown into drawers with no order.

Not fun. And SO not cute. 

So here are some simple tips that will change your life (seriously), and allow your makeup creativity to flow, without the hours of clean up afterwards. Cue dressing-table insta greatness:


The Ultimate Dressing Table Top...

If you're an eagle-eyed Pinner you may have already gotten yourself a couple of Alex Drawers from Ikea - as 2017 was the year for white furniture  if ever there was one - or you may be using storage boxes, or a tonne of makeup bags to store your makeup in. Whichever it is it - and especially if you haven't had a chance to spring clean - it may be time to re-evaluate.

Start with asking yourself these questions:

  • Can you see every product you own clearly?
  • Is every product easy to get out and easy to put back in place?
  • Is your storage in close proximity to your dressing table/ or part of your dressing table to make tidying as you go easier?
  • Do you have a glass table top on top of your dressing table to prevent permanent stains from spilt makeup like foundation?

The dressing table with a protective glass top is GENIUS, and one with enough storage drawers is even better. But if brand new isn't your aesthetic you could opt for something old-world-wood like an antique Edwardian style desk. These have a lot of storage and deep enough drawers for acrylic plastic storage - the other essential you will need for your Pinterest-worthy pamper palace .



Clear plastic storage - like what is available from Muji - will help you to divide all your products up, have them within easy reach and feel like a pro. You can even label the drawers in a million cute ways to make finding products even easier. A clear acrylic lipstick tower is the hero of all makeup storage, allowing you to store all your lipsticks in a compact space and still be able to see the names on the bottom. #dreamsdocometrue 😉



If you have lots of makeup that is just not being used (I see you), why not have a weekly rotation of your daily makeup go-to's. Make sure you are swapping out your palette, foundation and powders to get the most out of your collection and try to wear a different lip color every day. This will also help everything to stay tidy and clean, as rather than faffing around opening drawers and putting items back, they can all just be placed back in one holder. Simple. And, you can almost guarantee compliments on the regular for the frequent lippy swap - you might just find a new fave already in your collection. #yourewelcome


 I hope these few tried and tested hints help to keep your beauty room clean and tidy,
and your makeup collection feeling used rather than neglected.
Got more good glam ideas?
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