Tips for Beautiful Wedding Day Makeup That’s Uniquely You

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On our wedding day most of us want to look more beautiful than we ever have before, but no doubt we still want to look like ourselves! The gorgeous dress, the stunning hair, and exquisite makeup. If marriage is about to become a reality for you, think about looking back on your wedding photographs and smiling rather than thinking ‘who even is she?’

One of the most important aspects to feeling yourself on this special day is undoubtedly your make up. You don’t only need to take into account what you see when you look into the mirror but you also must consider how your make up is going to photograph as well. Read on for make up tips for feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin as a bride on your big day.


Prepare Your Skin in Advance

The first step to flawless makeup is always skin. Start taking better care of your skin today from the inside out to look radiant and healthy on your wedding day. Eat a clean and balanced whole food diet, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water and consider supplementing with an added red, blue and green fruit and vegetable concentrate for a healthy gut, hair, skin and nails.

If you don't already use a complete skincare regime tailored
to your specific skin needs - start.

Ensure you cleanse (I like to cleanse twice if I am wearing makeup), tone (not essential but I love it for tightening oily skin and prepping the skin for serum), use a serum and facial application tool to work it deep into the dermis, and complete with eye cream, and day or night cream. Exfoliation, masks and in-salon facials are also recommended for optimal skin fitness.

The same goes for hair care too, with products like those from Art Naturals ensuring your hair is in beautiful condition. Book an appointment with your hairdresser well in advance to work out a treatment, colour, cut and style plan for not just the wedding day itself, but any wedding-related events in the lead-up. Skin and hair cannot be sorted overnight, so start your healthiest you preparation now. Your stress levels and energy levels will thank you too, not just your skin and hair!



Stay True to Your Sense of Style

Instead of creating a look completely out of your comfort zone on your wedding day, consult with your makeup artist, stylist, wedding planner, glam squad, bridesmaids - whoever - about what colours and styles are quintessentially you. You want to look fresh, radiant, naturally and beautifully you. Looking beautiful is all about feeling comfortably confident, dressing your truth and putting that which makes you YOU in the spotlight. Love a red lip, rock it! Love to grunge up the romantic, add some dramatic eyeliner! Have always worn wanted to be a princess bride, don't stop now! And if you're not one for much makeup, ask your makeup artists for a subtle 'no-makeup' makeup look - it's timeless, natural whilst still accentuating your best features. 

wedding day makeup essentials uniquely you style fashion beauty blog dark romance


“ Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be
absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

– Marilyn Monroe


Primer is Your Friend, SPF is Not!

For the smoothest start and staying power for your makeup throughout the long day and night use a foundation primer. An eye primer is also essential to prevent creasing and patchiness of shadow and enhance the vibrancy of the shadows used. Once your makeup is complete, finish with a setting powder or setting spray and mattifying powder if necessary. You may like to equip yourself with spare mattifying powder and lipstick to see through the festivities looking fresh. 

One product to avoid in your makeup prep though, is sunscreen! Typically it is always recommended to wear products containing SPF, especially when on your honeymoon, under your makeup. However, on your wedding day, you can make an exception. Products with too much SPF tend to be detrimental to the photographs because they can make your face look somewhat ghostly and pale. Make sure hubby to be, bridesmaids and anyone else who'll feature prominently in photographs on the day are also aware of this too!


Don’t Forget the Waterproof Mascara

This seems like the most obvious point of them all, however, you wouldn’t believe how many women forget about waterproof mascara. There is every chance on tears on the day and the last thing you want is black lines streaming down your face. If waterproof mascara is too irritating, consider strip false lashes on the day or lash extensions which could see you through the extent of your honeymoon too. Both these options come in various shape styles and densities so speak to your lash artist or makeup artist about the best options for your eye shape and overall look. 



“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”
– Judy Garland


The Bridesmaids Makeup

Now your makeup is sorted, what about your bridesmaids? One imperative piece of advice to bear in mind is that not all bridesmaids have to have the same makeup. What looks good on one skin tone may not work on another and although you can ultimately decide what overall style of makeup they will be wearing you still don’t want one of your bridesmaids to feel uncomfortable all day. Play to their strengths while keeping the theme intact. Just because their dresses might be matching doesn’t mean their faces need to be.


The Makeup Artist & Trial

Finally, one of the most important tasks is to find the best professionals to apply your makeup with quality products and tools in a clean and safe fashion. Do your research and see what other brides have to say about the service they have received and invest in someone who understands your vision. A good bridal makeup artist will asks lost of questions about the theme of the day, the looks for each face being made up, and about the photography and lighting. Outdoor weddings will photograph differently to indoor venues and black and white photographs will show your makeup differently to coloured photographs. A trained artist will be able to make recommendations for achieving your best look no matter the circumstances. Also be sure to have a trial booked so you can see in advance what the makeup will look like and you can rest assured you're getting exactly the look you want - uniquely YOU!

What made or will make your makeup unique to your personality and style?
Let us know in the comments below.
Enjoy your special day.

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* The typical results are different for everyone. Results vary depending on individual effort, skin type, body composition, age, eating patterns, exercise, and the like.





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