SAMANTHAWATERS.COM.AU features a mixture of products purchased by myself as well as samples. I am in no way obligated to review products sent to me in a positive light. I am not obligated to review all samples and what goes on the blog is up to my discretion. I will always be 100% honest about the products that I receive – if I am sent something that I wouldn’t recommend to a friend, then you won’t find it on SAMANTHAWATERS.COM.AU.



SAMANTHA WATERS is a member of the Shop Style Collective affiliate program. This means that if you click on a link through to a retailer and purchase something, I may receive a very small amount or percentage of your purchase. This does not add any additional cost to you, the customer. Adding these affiliate links into a post happens after a review or opinion of the product has already been formed and so does not affect the products that I choose to write about.



I occasionally feature sponsored content on SAMANTHAWATERS.COM.AU, which means I am financially compensated to publish a campaign or article. These posts will only be published if I feel the content is relevant to this website and will always be clearly marked as sponsored content.



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.....AND THIS.

I love and respect my network marketing company and I’m not looking to jump ship, so respect you and your company by refraining from prospecting me. (If you do, you can imagine me to sending you this in return. #yourewelcome) I am not prospecting you either. I am expressing an opinion, and one that can and probably will change as I keep learning through life. This is not gospel. My way is simply that – my way.  I respect myself and my self-expression in writing these articles and hope that you do too. If not, stop reading me, no sweat. I hope you find your authentic voice and a vessel to share it too. I in no way intend harm, intend to cause confusion or avert you from following your own company or team systems. I’m also not able to ‘save’ you if you currently loathe your situation in your team or with your upline. Either have the hard conversations (maybe even with yourself) and sort that shit out, or don’t. Either way, change your mindset and YOUR actions and watch your world change for the better with it. It could be the best thing you ever do for yourself and your team or future team. The network marketing world is made a much cooler place when we all understand these ethical basics. Thank you for playing fair.


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