What are your stats?

My birthday is 30/06/1984, I’m around 165cm tall, and I currently weigh about 65kg.


How did you start blogging and do you have any tips?

I started my blog at the end of 2016 after moving state, making some big decisions for my health and my lifestyle - including eliminating toxic people and thinking. I now jump out of bed to do this and consider blogging/vlogging my full-time career as it allows me to combine all my skills and services in a way I thoroughly enjoy.

My tips for those looking to start blogging would be to firstly start. They are so many people who think about it and want to start one but never do, either through fear of what others will think or that they wont be good enough. The truth is we all start somewhere, but you can’t get to where you want to be if you never actually start. And then keep going.

Secondly, have an idea of where you want to go with your path but don’t be scared to change. This website started off as a business blog and now houses many facets of my life wherever my passions guide me. The main thing is to trust yourself and that core passion within.

And finally, I’d say if you are wanting to go into blogging with the sole purpose of making money, you are simply doing it wrong. We tend to keep at things we enjoy, so you've got to be loving it before it starts loving you back.

I love all your questions and comments, so keep them coming here.


What is the inspiration behind your fashion style?

I’m inspired by everything, from people on the street to the craziest of runways and even from a tube of paint colour. I take inspiration from the high street just as much as I do from luxury brands and I love being able to merge the two to create my own eclectic style. I colour outside the lines and I wear what I want. At the moment I am transforming every area of my life and that includes my wardrobe, so I'm really enjoying mixing prints, texture and colour to create a style that is unapologetically my own.


What is your diet like on a day to day basis?

My diet is mainly made up of lots of fruits and vegetables, herbal teas and water, and supplemented with protein shakes and nutritional snacks. Some fish, chicken and lean red meat makes it's way in there too, but I don't enjoy cooking meat myself so I usually eat it when I'm out. I totally eat chocolate and also eat out fairly regularly, especially when travelling, and don't mind the odd glass of wine or bubbles. I am not a nutritionist so I don't share meal plans, but I do share smoothie and salad recipes which I love and eat regularly, that you can find on my blog here.


What is your skincare routine?

Many of you will be aware that I started using Arbonne about 3 years ago which I often document on my blog and channel. I am a big believer in holistic health so I combine prestige anti-aging products with quality nourishing food, plenty of fresh air, varied exercise, sleep and meditation. I seek as much information as possible on maintaining excellent skin health and recently completed a certificate in makeup, however, I am not a professional. Please do bare this in mind when asking questions and combine it with a chat with your GP.

For my current Skincare routine visit my YouTube channel here.


Which protein shakes/supplements do you take?

I have tried my fair share of protein shakes but after being introduced to Arbonne's vegan Protein Shakes in 2014 I loved the taste and the brand's ethos, and to this day I still use them and the rest of their nutrition religiously. I personally use the Vanilla Protein shake for my breakfast or post workout as it is a low-carb option with lots of vitamins and minerals certified gluten, dairy and drug free. When using it for breakfast I include frozen fruit, the Arbonne Fibre Boost, Greens Balance and Digestion Plus (a pre and probiotic with enzymes). When using it post-workout I often add the Phytosport After Workout with branched-chain amino acids to the Vanilla shake to aid muscle repair and recovery.

I also use the Chocolate Protein for on-the-run lunch. I use it only when I’m in a rush and don’t have time to stop and eat a proper meal or when I'm road tripping and would rather avoid fast-food. I also take the Evolution Metabolism Booster before breakfast and before dinner which contains green coffee bean extract to rev up my system and help manage my weight.

You can find more about my nutrition and supplementation on my YouTube channel here.

I love all your questions and comments, so keep them coming here.


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