5 Reasons to Start Wearing a Wrist Watch Again


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Have you got a watch? Have you ever had a watch? In today’s world, many of us have never owned what was once a classic and essential accessory. Now, we check the time on our smartphones, which are always by our sides. Even first thing in the morning, we reach over and check the time on our phone. You might think that there is no need for a watch when you’ve already got a gadget in your pocket that does so much more than merely tell the time. Well, if you haven’t got a watch, here are five reasons that it might be high time you considered getting one.


They Look Great

Buy a gorgeous rose gold watch, and you’ll always have a fantastic accessory that draws attention and looks great. Your phone doesn’t have the same appeal. A watch on your wrist catches the light, gives you a great icebreaker and looks stylish with your outfits. It can be a timeless and classic addition to any outfit.

A good watch can be more too. It screams quality and expense. A good watch takes craftsmanship. It’s something that works simply, and elegantly. It can be a reminder of the beauty in simplicity and a return to tradition over technology.


A Watch Won’t Upset Anyone

How often have you sat at a meal or having drinks with friends, only for them to be continually check their phones? It’s hard to pull your phone out, check the time and put it straight back. Most of us end up checking our emails and social media feeds while we’re there. We fail to give our companions our full attention, and it’s rude. A watch is easier, faster and takes less of your focus away from your real life.


They Do More

Watches don’t have just to tell the time anymore either. If you want one that does more, get one that does more. An activity tracker with a watch is a fantastic way to increase your fitness levels and keep you healthy. A smartwatch can take calls and much of what your phone does, while still having all of the advantages of being a watch.


To Keep Your Phone Safe

At some point we've all been guilty of walking around with our very expensive smartphones in our back pockets - pockets that aren’t really big enough and leave our phones exposed. This often leads to them getting pinched from our pockets or dropped and broken. You might have even lost one to the toilet. A watch means that you don’t need your phone so close to hand to check the time (or other things). Put it in your bag and keep it safe. Teaching us tech detachment once again!


To Leave Behind

Think about this: We replace our smartphones every couple of years, no big deal. We certainly don’t keep them to leave behind to our loved ones, and it's not likely your phone will ever be an heirloom (at least not a working one). Your watch, however, just might be if you invest in a quality piece that will last the test of time. Cartier calling? Yes please.





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