A Stacked Wrist of Mixed Metals Inspired by Interior Design

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They say art imitates life, and the same can be said of fashion and interiors. Couture gowns, colours of the season, shapes and patterns can all be seen mimicked in rug designs, paint and colour combinations, wallpapers and drapes. But have you also noticed the jewellery of interior design also speak of the influence of the jewellery of the catwalks and the metallics that are currently reigning supreme?! Yep, and it looks so good! So, inspired by the trend of mixed metals - and in honour of my fellow indecisive queens - let's look at ways of wearing what your decor depicts on your wrist and discover what makes the perfect mixed metal stack.



Mixing your metals can happen with just one rad piece of jewellery doing it all. Wear one statement accessory that already combines two or more different colour metals and rock the look in a flash. Whether it's a mixed bead bracelet or swirling silver and gold hoops, embrace that this style is no longer considered unconventional. Clashing metallics makes for a look that's not too precious, allows you to  complete an outfit quicker, goes with any kind of bag, belt or shoe hardware combo and still has you looking put together and chic.

The one single standout piece is also great if you don't have the designer budget or want to mix and match designer and high-street styles. You can get the look for less with good quality dupes or styles inspired by trending or classic notable shapes and designs, and still feel comfortable changing your mind in a few months time!




Despite the matching metal rule being broken, it's advisable to strategically mix your metals for a look that's purposeful, or separate gold and silver pieces worn together for a stylish yet still cohesive layered finish. Make sure your pieces look like they belong together aesthetically. Have one common theme - diamonds, bling, hearts, (or circles like I've done) for a combo that's both unique and beautiful. The wrist stack is ultimately the most accessible for experimentation and is a wearable spot for most occasions to get noticed without being too OTT. And for an instant theme, purchase sets that are sold coordinated together but can still be separated, and enjoy playing around with pieces as you please or as your outfits call for.



If you're anything like me and change your decor around almost daily and feel personally attacked and cornered whenever someone asks if you're a gold or silver gal, then rejoice with me now - because anything goes in a mixed metal wrist stack! Mix your favourite gold bangle with a new fashion bracelet. Mix matte with high shine and bling with beads. Wear whatever coloured rings on whatever fingers you like - left ring finger included! And, heck, even switch out your watch band to suit your mood! Your home and your wardrobe are outward expressions of you so embrace the days you can't decide and mix and layer with aplomb.

samantha clark waters jewelry jewellery mixed metals stack fashion blog gift


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samantha clark waters jewelry jewellery mixed metals stack fashion blog interiors
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OK, if you need one rule, make it this: just like with interior vignettes, opt for odd numbers as much as possible in your assemblage. Three or five and oddly onwards makes for an aesthetically appealing mix for the human eye. And if you count all the colours of gold available, you can get quite an array happening on one wrist, hand, neck, or ear! Make it even more interesting by altering thickness or type of bangle - cuff, clasped, or classic - and length of chains. Depending on your choices you can still make it look edgy, artsy, street or even work wear appropriate. And that, my friends, is exactly why this fashionably eclectic kid loves this sir-mix-a-lot method so damn much! Small pieces with maximum wearability.

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    Beautiful jewelry, great advice! Thanks Samantha!

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