How To Find Your Signature Fashion Style


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If you had to put a label on your style, what would it be? Would you be the sophisticated dresser or the queen of casual? Perhaps you even find it difficult to define your own style? 

Establishing your personal style is a great way to approach your look. It will save you time, make shopping easier whilst also making sure you look great each time you step out the door.

So how do you go about it? Take a look at these tips for finding your signature style.


Think about your favourite pieces

Take a good look at your wardrobe and pick out some of your favourite clothing items, shoes, bags and accessories. What do you like about them? Consider their different qualities such as colour, fit and fabric to help you create a list of the sorts of clothing you should be buying. Now that you know what you like about your current collection, you have the start of a checklist to follow the next time you go shopping.


Consider your body type

Getting to know your body type will help you to work out what sort of shapes you should be wearing. If you’re unsure of what your body type is, then a body shape calculator could help you to work it out. Think about the styles you wear that make you look and feel great, as well as which things get the most compliments from friends or colleagues. Accepting what works and what doesn't will make it much easier from now on for you to pick out the styles that will flatter you the most.



Find a style icon

If you struggle to define your signature style, look to someone who knows what theirs is and has a similar body shape, hair colour, skin colour and eye colour as yours. Celebrities offer a lot of inspiration when it comes to fashion, and by looking at fashion icons with the same colouring, height and build as you, you can get some amazing ideas on the sorts of things you should be wearing. While you don’t have to dress like them item for item, you can use them as a great reference guide for your own style. PS. I've pinned some of my own favourite style icons best looks in a Pinterest board called Celeb Style Steals so they're on hand anytime I get stuck in a style rut or shopping rush. 😉 Very helpful!


Invest in accessories

Accessories can help you complete an outfit, adding those finishing touches that make the look unique to you. Wearing certain jewellery pieces for example is a great way you can define your signature look. Whether you're a diamonds, pearls, or precious stones (check out these opal rings) kind of girl, you can create a collection of jewellery that will always be associated with your look.  Same goes with bags, shoes, hats, stockings, scarves etc, and they're worth investing in good quality pieces once you feel more confident about your style direction. All of these will help to build your look, and will help make your style feel more 'you' in an instant.


Finding your signature style is an effective way to help you dress better and get your wardrobe organised.
By transforming your wardrobe, you can get rid of those unworn, unwanted pieces and fill it with the things you love instead.
Think about your own personal look to help make sure you’re style is always on point.


What's your style?
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