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The jumpsuit trend is extra hot right now and the sporty style is much more wearable than you probably think! It's sassy, sexy, comfy af and hopefully here to stay in so many ways. Here's how you can jump on it no matter the season, your shape, style or budget:



The best thing about this trend is it's all inclusive, and you only have to take one look at Instagram or online retailers like PrettyLittleThing to see how it can work for you. Jumpsuits are a tall girl's staple, with waist and bust details adding curves in all the right places. But my fellow shorties (can I get a hell yeah) can absolutely own the long leg lengthening styles of jumpsuits and embrace any curves with flat fabrics, waist cinching details, block colours and vertical lines. A little wide leg also goes a long way to balance a curvy figure while cutouts and fabric embellishments can add curves and draw attention to them for the sportier or straighter figures.



Essentially the jumpsuit is a full body outfit, making it the ultimate option for outfit repeater hacks. With a few accessories you can take re-wearing to a whole other level and get max value for your outfit investment. Perfect for travelling, for a capsule wardrobe lover, or just for days when you're in a 'what to wear' funk. Take the top and add a zip-up biker or a hooded utility jacket to toughen up a sleek-leg jumpsuit or balance a silky fabric bottom. And switch up belts, bags and shoes for day to night or day-to-day differentiation.



The different accessories you choose to pair with your outfit can either dress it up or dress it down. Dress up the jumpsuit above - or any in satin or sheer fabrics - with killer heels, a small sparkle encrusted bag or clutch, a red lip or smoky eye and you're good to glow. Dress down the adjacent jumpsuit with on-trend sneakers, a bright sock boot, baker boy or baseball cap. Switching out the belt in more formal and flowing styles can add major oomph to dressed down or dressed up depending on the style. And adding a belt to low-key and casual styles can similarly change the look up completely. Think big glossy black or slim silver for night time and leopard or coloured leather for day.

These sporty looks of classic 90's black with white stripes lend themselves to fun fashion and a playful personality - so enjoy it. And rejoice in the versatility of an ultra comfortable, ultra wearable, mix and match item of clothing that everyone will be envious of!


What's your jumpsuit style?
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This post was written for the PrettyLittleThing jumpsuit campaign.
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