Musing Over The Mule Shoe Trend



Ugh, can we just start by saying that's a shite name from anything, let alone a shoe. I'm not sure there's anything sexy about a donkey offspring, or for the love child of a slide and a clog and a bootie that had a menage for that matter.

I totally appreciate old trends having a rinse and repeat in the cycles of the fashion world, but this one I'm struggling to get my head around. I just can't. And I'm 33, I've seen this one come and go before and skip my feet altogether. And they probably will again next time round.

However, in the interest of fashion (and silver linings), here's a few pros and cons to make it simple for you to answer the age old question of wardrobe mastering: Splurge or Save?



  • Stumpy feet - Some look so freaking hot side on...then from the front it's a whole other stumpy story. Usually the thicker the band the uglier they are, even if you have elegantly slim feet (of which I am not blessed!)
  • Comfort, or lack thereof - OK, I know some of you would argue they are the most comfortable shoe in the world, and you'd be right...for you! For me and my small, solid feet I find a mule to be rather slippy, forcing me to shuffle when I walk in them to try to keep them on. Not cute. A strap at the back would make them much more comfortable...and also a slingback instead of a mule. #yayforslingbacks



  • Oh so fashion! - Yep, there's no denying all the fashion week footage from around the world has me lusting for slimmer, sexier feet and the long legs to pull off even the lowest mule heel and bulky bands. I mean look at some of these babies, they are works of art for your feet - the perfect finishing touch to a casually chic outfit. *Sigh*



So I say go ahead and splurge if you are this way blessed. The mule is hanging around, especially with the southern hemisphere's summer on the way. And it will come back around again as all things eventually do (even when we think they shouldn't). And if the comfort factor is a definite pro for you, then you already consider the mule an investment shoe.

But friends, save your pennies for something more suited if you're with me in the athletic-footed department. Some trends are not for us all. That, I believe is, is what fashion victims are made of. Girls of their own style: #swaggeron.

* Disclaimer. Yep, this article is totally biased. I salute the woman who can wear these well!


What's your opinion? Love 'em? Hate 'em?
Surprised to find yourself wearing them?

Drop your mule musings below.

And here's to individuality.






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