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Back from a state with the population and GDP of my entire country, let's take a drive down memory lane and into my suitcase for some spring travel fashion - sweet and southern Texas style! Here's a snippet of what I wore and what we saw.



With weather much like our own on Queensland's Gold Coast, we felt right at home in Texas and were able to pack like pro's. Although the temps do get high, there's still a desert-like chill in the air at night similar to Vegas weather, so packing a warm jacket and trousers is recommended. As it was still Spring and not quiet Summer, we didn't swelter and much of my wardrobe consisted of short sleeve on top and long on the bottom and vice versa.

My thrift store find Spell maxi dress was perfectly romantic boho and came in handy comfort-wise as my back gave me hell this trip and some days even getting dressed was hard. My fave black denim mini and leather look pants equally got a workout, and quality Mimco snake detail black boots and fringed crossbody bag completed most looks effortlessly and added just enough touch of yeehaw! 

A band tee (hey Weezer), a slogan tee or two, another vinnie's win pink check Gap button-down shirt and pink patterned headscarf made rotational dressing each day a chic cinch. A shiny black blazer added a little night time luxe, and crisp white kicks were indeed shoes made for walking. I scored some $5 pink sunnies to complete the cute factor and honestly embraced the laid-back but confident American wardrobe that's actually so perfect for on the road multi-stop travelling. 

I intended to do some serious thrifting while in this great state but quickly decided against it for 'how the heck am I going to bring anything home' reasoning! I didn't bring home much but some chilli chocolate for a friend, an updated stash of Victoria's Secret, and some new health and beauty bits.


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samantha clark waters fashion blog travel texas ootd austin
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Our first taste of Texas was twister weather driving in from New Orleans to Houston. It's legit like the movies y'all and scary as heck! The roads are long and busy, and is it just me, or does everyone in the states drive super fast?! But even the lightning seemed bigger here, and so bright it was blinding. The clouds were a long dark strip across the horizon and eerily like a tornado's tail could whip out of nowhere in an instant.

Houston was a beautiful clean city and quiet we found out because all the action is underground to keep peeps cool in the blazing heat. We did the obligatory Space Station visit and although we both love and appreciate space and the work been done to explore it, it was all a little seventh grade science project and needs some major Disneyfication. Apparently this is a known thing and we had a bit of giggle about it with some Texan friends afterwards.

San Antonio was a little slice of heaven and we will definitely be back here to stay awhile longer. The Riverwalk is genius and the Hyatt Regency was the perfect location to enjoy it, the Alamo and all the delicious food, music and culture nearby.

Austin is a food and music fave and a very liveable city with the biggest university (and a whole university city!) I've ever seen, gorgeous Zilker Nature Preserve, and plenty of cool and quirky everything to "keep Austin weird." We stayed in a fully self contained and super cool apartment in the East 6th St precinct and although we walked a lot there was plenty to see and different routes to take each of the 3 days we were there. Catch the food trucks if you can, the double decker bus tour and stroll SoCo for a trendy taste of Texas.

And follow me on IG to check out the plethora of arty instagrammable mural walls this rich, colourful and cultural state provides. It did not disappoint!


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Unfortunately we missed visiting Chip and Joanna Gaines' Waco Silos and Magnolia marketplace (that I was SO excited for) and did zero sightseeing in Dallas as I was in a world of pain and took a trip to the Emergency Room instead. I don't remember much of it except for being wheel-chaired off the plane in Vegas with dribble all down my front. Those painkillers were strong and they must've been a hot commodity as they were stolen from our room the following day! How bloody cute though that as I'm searching our Google Photos for this post, I find a sneaky drive-by picture of the Silos that Ben had snapped knowing I'd be devastated to miss it. Uh, I'm a lucky gal - thank you for looking after me boo!

Have you been to Texas? Do you live there? 
What do you think, did I nail the sweet Southern Spring style?!
Lemme know below y'all.
(I'm never going to stop saying that...y'all!)




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