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Winter weather tends to get us into the habit of placing comfort and convenience over style. Place a group of people in a room and ask anyone who’s reverted to sweat pant mode in the colder months to raise their hand - most people will be guilty. But if an escape to the warmer weather is coming up for you, say goodbye to the burden of layers, woolly jumpers, and fluffy socks and hello to summer vacay essentials. Pack these pieces to make your wardrobe sunshine-appropriate, stat.


The Cute Shorts or Short Skirt

Shorts (or if you're like me, short skirts) are a staple and once you find the perfect pair, chances are that you’ll automatically throw them on every single time you leave the house. Nine times out of ten, these firm favourites will be a denim number. Not only do they scream summer, but they'll also match almost anything that you decide to pair them with. Check out brands such as Wrangler, Levis, and Lee’s. Look for high-quality and simple designs, potentially lasting you for years. You’ll whip them out every single summer! Next, consider the fit. High waisted cinch the waist and are right on trend right now, whereas, low waisted or hip huggers give a super chill, casual and comfortable vibe.


The Strappy Sandals

Summer suitable shoes are so fun! Flip flops and sliders tend to be more poolside material whereas strappy sandals will take you from the beach to the bar. Birkenstocks tend to be a casual summer favourite with vegan versions available. Havaiana's are my go to (any colour, pick a colour). But don't be scared to up those vacay vibes and opt for a stylish wedge, fringing, beading, bright colours or even a gladiator strap for your summer sandal of choice. When you're keeping the rest of your wardrobe fairly neutral, it's safe to make a statement with your fabulous (comfortable) shoes. 


The Straw Hat

While we tend to be pretty savvy when it comes to sun protection in terms of sunscreen and sunglasses, a surprising number of us completely forget to protect our scalps. Even if you have a luscious head of hair, the sun’s rays are likely to penetrate and reach your scalp. It can also cause your scalp to peel, resulting in painful styling and flaking which looks very similar to dandruff. Avoid this looks my loves at the same time as adding a cute accessory to your outfit - a sunhat. Straw hats tend to be a crowd favourite and thanks to increased demand, designers are coming out with various styles - from broad-rimmed floppy hats to smaller boater hats with pretty ribbon details. Again, this is an item that is pretty flexible and will match most outfits.


The Big Bag

Pack away your favourite book, mineral sunscreen and that all important hydration in a big beach bag as you find your spot on the sand or get lost in local markets. As long as it's comfortable and fits your essentials, anything goes! Straw and basket bags have been huge lately and when it comes to holiday dressing, aren't ever really going to go away. But neoprene, canvas and vinyl are other great comfortable and easy to pack options. Bonus: find one you can happily use as a shopping tote year round and max your investment.


The Summer Swimsuit

Slip into summer with luxe new fabrics, vintage design, or a mix and match masterpiece. Swimwear, like everything fashion, follows trends. But, also like every other category, keeps it's basics. And thank goodness most swimwear is designed with your best summer vacation in mind. That means, no matter your shape or taste, you will always find a style to suit you and your destination. (Yes always, persevere friends, there's treasure to be found and no one need not be swimming and sunning!) Embrace your body, live your life and love the heck outta this holiday wardrobe must-have - however you rock it.


There's really never any rules for Your Wardrobe, and your summer situation need not be any different.
Just get the basic comfort and cool covered and you can focus on what matters most on your getaway. 

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