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It's a starry starry night in fashion as the stars come out to play in all things decor and dressing. And I'm here for it. Not only do I have a brand called Hey Stella, a closet full of star-prints, and wee star wrist tattoo, but I'm naturally drawn to the night skies as a moonchild and dreamer! So the current star obsession trend is irresistibly sparkly for me, and here's how you too can embrace this ode to the symbolism of stars in your wardrobe and home alike.



  • If you're a big, bold fan like me you might be drawn to the celestial patterned dresses with embroided stars, whimsical ruffles or frills and all the ethereal vibes. Tough it up with boots and a leather jacket or keep it classic with a blazer and heels.
  • A star print collared shirt is a little less in your face, and a black and white one at that can be quite chic and timeless.
  • For less of a commitment to the trend, opt for a designer bag, shoe, scarf or piece of jewellery to set the sparkle off just right. These are an easy way to bring the trend into your everyday too and allow you splurge on quality without fear of the trend dying out.



  • Bringing the outdoors in with star symbols at home requires a little more restraint unless you're keen on recreating the Healthy Happy Harold van's ceiling! Some good subtle options are wallpapers and light fixtures - they still make a statement but they are much more refined than a star shaped rug or cushion. With some light-reflecting qualities, they're also a nice way to add a touch of luxe and glimmer without being bling-y.
  • Easy to switch starburst motifs on candles, trays, cushions, pillows and plates can also be done stylishly, while one single piece from the Gucci or Fornasetti icons, can be all you need to scream chic.




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“We all shine on...like the moon and the stars and the sun...we all shine on...come on and on and on...” 
― John Lennon

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Love the astrological nods in fashion and interiors?
How do you make the trend work for you?
Let us know in the comments below.
And shine on! Of course...

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