Two Summer-to-Autumn Transitional Dresses From A Brand That Will Surprise You

As the Aussie summer comes to a close and the first chills of autumn creep into the evenings, no doubt, you're reaching for outfits with a little more coverage to transition between seasons. Me too.

Cue Tobi, an online fast and fun fashion retailer hailing from LA that has totally blown me away.

They design, produce and sell a decent range of cute to sophisticated fashions globally and exclusively on their site And ever since I unwrapped my first parcel, my cart on their site has been full of even more wish-list items. 

Unlike far too many online fashion sites lately where it's a pot-luck gamble if you'll actually get what you ordered, this stuff is actually great quality and value for money. The fits are true to size, flattering and comfortable. And as you can't help but scroll their thousands of outfits, you'll be just as thrilled with the versatility of their pieces, including brands like Cheap Monday, Sol Sana and Steve Madden. 

Tobi personifies the Californian laid-back attitude with confidence boosting clothes for a fast-paced LA life, and ships it to over 100 countries. Call me gushy, but check it out for yourself and let me know if you agree!

Here's two of my favourite dresses and what's next on my list to ADD TO CART!



My Top Transition Picks

  1. The Fitted Joggers - We may have Yeezy to thank for making the comfiest item of clothing tight, trendy and legally able to be worn out of the house. But without a KKW connection I've been on the lookout for a more budget friendly option and these are my faves. Classic colours that you can pair with your current fave slogan tee and heels, or a contrasting hoodie and slides. #genius
  2. The Blood Red Bomber - Ox-Blood as a colour doesn't sound so delicious, but this slouchy, side-zip bomber jacket totally is. Wear it worn all insta-cool-girl relaxed around the shoulders over fitted dresses or an all black ensemble. Then pull it up and layer with a Millennial Pink hoodie or sweater as the climes get cooler. 
  3. Over the Knee Boots - Although not entirely a new trend, I'm still obsessed and think they look ultra flattering even on shorties like me. I'm loving the more solid heels, stretchy feels and classic non-knife point of the toe of these bad boys. Leg warming with summer dresses they make the outfit all of their own, but combine with a leather jacket and you're 100% autumn sorted!
  4. The Baker Boy Hat - Baker, cadet, poor boy or Peaky Blinder, call them what you will, these caps have been donned by all my favourite Northern Hemisphere blogger pals all season. And now it's our turn. Go grey plaid, classic black or this lovely leather number for a little more sass and a lot more warmth. Even if you're not much of a hat person, this style suits almost everyone and my 2001 self is so happy about it!

How are you getting Autumn ready? And what's on your radar this season?
Drop 'em below and let's go shopping!






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