Realistic Hacks for Decorating a Furnished Rental Apartment

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Oh the glorious challenges of decorating a furnished rental apartment! 

First of all, don't get me wrong, it's amazing to not have to move with every piece of furniture you own and still be able to be super comfortable. Furnished rentals have their positives, and I'm so grateful for mine considering we moved in such a hurry.

But some of the hurdles we were faced with when making such a house a home left us a little underwhelmed and uninspired...

  • Mismatched or damaged furniture
  • No painting or nailing into walls
  • Awkward spaces....or lack of space altogether
  • And don't even get me started on storage...that's a whole other post all its own!

Yay, right?! So fun.

But I've been able to make our tiny paradise apartment reflect the fun vibe of the location, and feel like it's mine whilst still respecting the rules and limitations. Luckily in decorating - anything goes - so I simply decided to see the limitations as an opportunity to mix up my style and feel like I was on holidays every day of the week.

Here's my best hacks for decorating a furnished apartment...or any rental property:
1. Respect the era of the place and make it a fun part of your decorating aesthetic (for now, coz is it really your forever home, probs not)


2. De-clutter like a demon and only shop to fill in the holes for a resolved design. For real, some of your 'stuff' will have to go. Even if you have a storage container in the same city, a move is an excellent time to sift and soft and start afresh.
3. Personalise with art, cushions, plants, your favourite personal items and, of course, flowers.
4. Embrace the space. Live in it a while to see how you use the space - you don't have to do everything at once. Enjoy the process and play with changing it up with the seasons - why not, there's kinda nothing else you can do!



Gather your goodies in groups and create vingnettes or little moments of YOU throughout your home. A huge variety of trays, plates, bowls, and cute containers make this an cinch to do with style.


samantha clark apartment decor hacks


You are bound to find some cherished gems in that clean out - so put them on display with all your everyday faves. Life is for living after all, so use them, love them, be proud of them...and feel right at HOME.


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You can never have too many cushions! Apart from being light to pack later, they are one of the easiest ways to add colour and interest. Group in odd colours, shapes and sizes and you might just find the inspo for the rest of your decor right there on your couch.


furnished apartment decorating cushions


Think velvet and silks for a touch of luxe, or linens and cottons for a casual vibe. Or mix them up like I have done to pull together all the different styles...and to detract from that horrid headboard. Consider grouping similar coloured throws, slips, covers and cushions for cohesion.


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Plants are life - they clear the air, make you feel good, and look great. A real life plant fixes any 'dead' or dull corner, whereas most (dusty) faux plants just adds to the dreariness. Line up cute pots of all shapes and sizes, or try a terrarium, plant stand or kokedama.


apartment decor hacks plants


Whether fresh or fake, go nuts. Like the greenery of plants, flowers add homeliness, freshness and a stunning finishing touch. Plus you can't beat real for the scent that fills a space. White is classically stunning or switch styles for the seasons to keep things exciting.


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There are no rules!


apartment decor hacks personality


A lived in home is a loved home.


furnished apartment decorating hacks


Have fun!


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Got a furnished rental and found a way to make it feel like your own?
I would love to hear your decor stories and suggestions.

Pop a comment below x






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