3 Home Hacks That Will Instantly Improve Your Bathroom

Bathrooms play a big role in our home life day to day. It's where some of our best ideas are made, stresses fade, and tresses are tamed! And it's well known that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. So is yours the zen, clean space of high function and even better beauty you desire it to be? Take a humble bathroom to new heights, making your home your very own self-care haven, with these simple home hacks. 


Check Your Pipes

Call in the professionals to check your bathroom plumbing is functioning to full efficiency. Leaks can cause unsightly, expensive and annoying to repair water damage to tiles, walls, and under-flooring, which will ruin the look of your blissful bathroom. Find a company like Toscano Plumbing to fix any leaks or do a general plumbing overview of your bathroom. You may solve hidden issues like a blockage which causes that poor water pressure you've just being putting up with, or replacing aged pipes for future-proof better water quality and flow. 


"There must be quite a few things a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them." 
- Sylvia Plath


Clean Tiles With A Microfibre Cloth

What’s the worst thing that can happen in a bathroom? MOULD! Black mould can become embedded in between tiles, particularly the ones that get wet when you shower and can be time-consuming to get off or require re-grouting or re-sealing to fix. This happens as the water stays on the tiles and creates the perfect damp conditions for mould to spawn. To help avoid this problem, dry them with a microfibre cloth after use, and clean your shower at least fortnightly. Consider it a workout with a built in shower. You’ll have shiny tiles that look good as new all the time, and no mould. Prevention is the best option.


Accessorise Like The Rest of Your Home

Whether you go for glass, gold or all white everything, decorate your bathroom with accessories in tones and materials similar to the rest of your home. Consider softening an angular, utilitarian bathroom with a thick fluffy bathmat and generous towels or bath-sheets. Plants - potted, grouped, hanging, live or faux - also work in any bathroom and what shape, style and variety of plant and pot you choose could tie into the rest of your home for synergy. Plus your bathroom isn't immune to art, as long as it's not in the direct line of water. Prints behind glass will tend to last longer and look chic too. Baskets work too to add that decor element whilst also being useful to store all your bubble baths and bath bombs so there aren’t bottles littered everywhere. Same goes for glass jars and canisters for cotton buds, soaps, and makeup brushes. Choose accessories that help de-clutter the bathroom as well as dress it to add personality, which inevitably makes it much nicer to use for all. 


For one of the most used rooms in your house and one with pretty big pressure to add value,
it's worth investing in giving your bathroom a check up or style update every couple of years. 

What home improvement hacks do you want to know next?
Drop your suggestions below.
And happy bathing.





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