4 Barriers to a Minimal Look Home & How To Overcome Them

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A minimal look home is often a neat home, and as the word implies, the style is un-fussy ad uncluttered - leaving breathing room for often sculptural and beautiful furniture, fittings and decor. A minimalistic interior may be considered hard to achieve if your home houses a big family with big hobbies (or like me, one person with one big hobby)! But with these clutter-busting suggestions in place, that need not be the case...


Style Open Shelving

Open shelving is great for storage, but it can be a source of clutter and chaos as well if not styled with a minimal touch. If it's a set of plates you are displaying, try and make sure that they are all matching in colour, and if you can’t do this then arrange them by the colour grouping which is easier than the eye to 'read.' Display drinking glasses all standing up the same way and if you use your open shelving to store spices then it helps to invest in some spice jars so that they are all the same style. If you have open shelving in an office, clear out any paper piles and file in clean-lined storage boxes the same colour as the shelving for a unified and cohesive look


Conceal Wires and Technology

A huge tangle of wires climbing down the walls from your television set and crawling the floors connecting the myriad of devices we all have these days is super unsightly - minimal look space or not. If you want to avoid this eyesore, first try grouping and maneuvering them out of sight, or opt for some cord covers. These are plastic strips that encase the wires as they lead down to the plug socket, and you can even get ones that can organise multiple wires as well. If you have HDMI cables dangling down then consider investing in a splitter, so that you can just use a remote to change the source input as opposed to pulling everything out every single time. And wherever possible choose TV cabinets or storage with doors or drawers to conceal your tech ever so sleekly. 


Do a Backyard Blitz

One of the keys to modern minimalism is a clean line of sight inside and out, so if your backyard resembles a tip full of junk, consider getting it removed. Visit this site to make a booking and to get all of your rubbish taken away that same day. It’s easy for junk to accumulate in your yard like broken bikes, popped footballs, pet litter, tree litter and old or broken outdoor furniture you just haven't replaced yet. Get it all out and gone before you tend to any gardening or plant-potting and you'll find a whole new blank canvas to style and edit with poise and restraint. 


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Clean-up Your Curb Appeal

If you look all around your home, there is a high chance that you will see that the busiest place is in fact the front door - both inside of it and out. Outside might be a ratty old doormat, dead pot plant or 10, and old newspapers. Inside, there's a high chance that a pile of shoes, coats, bags and umbrellas, that all need an organised and much more aesthetically pleasing place, are what welcomes your guests. Or un-welcomes them as the case may be. You can achieve a more minimalistic look with a ruthless clean-up and sorting exercise, followed by simple styling with closed-in storage, a structural (and alive) plant, a striking piece of art and a fresh scented candle. This is a great way for you to keep everything in order and it will give people a great first impression from the moment they enter your home....including you! 😉



Minimal interior design can certainly give your home - and sanity - a restful and refreshing change.
How do you style for minimalism with a full house?
Let us know below and share this post with someone struggling with the weight of their belongings.





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