4 Key Considerations When Redesigning Your Kitchen

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When it comes to designing or renovating your dream kitchen there's so much to consider to ensure all elements work for optimal functionality, ease of daily use and stunning aesthetics to cement this room at the true heart of the home. Arguably it's the most important space in the home and it can be a lot of pressure to perfect. These are just four kitchen design points to get you started and help you avoid some common and costly redesign mistakes.



I'm all for DIY, but for a safe, secure kitchen with a precision finish there's some jobs that absolutely should be left to the professionals. For starters, electrical installation is a not something to mess with yourself unless you have the qualifications and experience needed. And even if you do have a bit of handy know-how, know your limits for the look and utility you want to achieve. Working with a specialised firm in custom kitchen joinery to help you fine-tune and put your plans into action and a plumber if rearranging your sink and plumbed-in appliances, for example, will help you save time, money and potential rework.



To save time in the kitchen, and to cut down on needless chaos and slip hazards - especially when it's a hive of activity - you need to consider the practicality of workflow. It makes sense to have the fridge, sink, and cooker within reach of one another, usually within the classic triangle arrangement, as described here. With the ideal workflow layout, everything you need when preparing your meal will be close to hand, and there will be less risk of a mess as you won't have to travel far with food items. 


Think, too, about where you place certain storage, appliances, lights and outlets. As examples, you might want storage for your pots and pans near your cooker so you can get to them quickly, and the bin and dishwasher near the sink for an easier clean-up after mealtime. Think practicality and efficiency with the placement of items as much as how it will look, and you shouldn't go far wrong.



It's no secret that the more storage and the more counter-top space you have available in a busy kitchen, the better. Sure, they provide more room to prepare food and hide away ugly appliances, but they are essential for efficient cooking and generous entertainment too. Think carefully when deciding what to include on your kitchen benchtops, as sufficient space around the stove when preparing hot food, and sufficient space around the sink to wash and prepare fruit and vegetables, makes for a much more comfortable experience. Eliminate any needless clutter by installing extra storage drawers, hooks, shelves and sectioned dividers. Or better still, indulge in a butler's pantry and enjoy endless space for work and play in style!



Kitchens and kids don't often mix so consider the younger members of your family when designing your kitchen too and it can be a space everyone can enjoy. If children are a constant in your home, opt for rounded corners on cabinets and worktops to reduce the damage to bumped heads. When organising your cupboards, plan to have enough storage space above head height to accommodate any items that may be considered dangerous. Another idea is to build in a bar or lower height breakfast nook to keep them included in the kitchen activities but from the safer side of the counter. There are plenty of other design tips to keep your little ones safe from harm, but some basic thoughtfulness can be all it takes to ensure your kitchen is child-friendly, teen-proof, an adult haven, and a valuable selling point for your home

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