4 Ways to Give Your Home A Facelift

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Like our skin, our homes can start showing signs of age. While there aren’t any anti-ageing creams available for your home, there are some great things you can do to give it a fresh looking facelift. 


FACELIFT FEATURE 1 :: Get Painting!

A fresh coat of paint can help your home feel clean and new again, covering up the damage caused by the weather or sunlight and make it look like a brand new property. (Unless it's mould btw, please fix mould before it becomes a serious problem to your home and your health)! Painting the exterior of your home is a tougher job than inside in most cases, so you might want to call in the professionals to help you with this one. And don't be afraid to go daring in your (homes) old age! #hellopaintedladies. Too much beige is killing curbside creativity. 



FACELIFT FEATURE 2 :: Switch out windows and doors

You might not have given much thought to how your windows and doors make your home look, but it’s safe to say that structural alterations can give your home an excellent facelift if you have the coin to make them happen properly and professionally. Depending on your tastes and the style of your home, you could opt for modern one-pane picture windows or replace boring sliders with a classic double hung tudor style. Even a change of frame colour can make a huge difference to your home, transforming it into something that looks new again. Consider changing the type of glass if you are investing in new windows so you get the double duty of noise or UV reduction too. Same goes for doors inside and out - update or upgrade. A new front door could be as simply as switching out the hardware and a coat of paint, or t could be a whole reconstruction of the doorway for a larger, more statement welcoming piece. 

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FACELIFT FEATURE 3 :: Freshen up your floors

Like the walls, the floors of your home can soon start to show signs of wear. A new floor is a simple way to update your home, and there are a myriad of different floor types available to suit different budgets so don't rule it out too soon. Sometimes a carpet clean is all you need to make your floor look new again, so if you think your existing carpet can be salvaged, then it’s worth a try. Wooden or tiled floors will maintain their appearance for longer, so if you do decide to make a change, you should consider the longevity of your flooring choice before you commit. Otherwise, invest in your floors favourite concealer....good quality and hard-wearing rugs!



FACELIFT FEATURE 4 :: Get gardening!

Is your garden looking a little neglected? Some landscaping can transform your yard to give the whole house a lift and add value in curb appeal and leaving nothing to the imagination. Keep things simple by investing in plants and flowers that require little regular maintenance and give your lawn some TLC with a cycle of lawn-food, watering and a higher-blade haircut to thicken the growth and sponginess. Hedge plants yourself or hire a professional to give you some great gardening tips for keeping your existing landscape extra lush. With a newly-transformed garden, your home will look much fresher, while the value of it might increase too. And hey, go sit amongst it when you're done and admire your handy work - I find it one of the most rewarding household jobs, and a great workout!


Giving your home a facelift can help you to feel good about your home (and help fight that urge to move if you're craving change)! If you are considering selling, then many of the things listed above will be useful to present your home as best as possible. There are many things to consider when selling your home, and adding value with a few freshen up's might indeed be an option for you. Otherwise, simply enjoy exploring all ways you can refresh your home both structurally and cosmetically to help you fall in love with it all over again.


What other ideas would you like to see me cover in home design? 
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