5 Ideas to Increase Natural Light in Your Home


Everyone wants to have more natural light in their home, but actually achieving it can sometimes be a challenge. Here are 5 ideas to help increase the natural light in your home.


1. Add a Skylight if You Can

If you have a room in your home that is dark, gloomy and uninviting, a skylight could be the way to go to turn that around. Of course, this is only possible when you have an open space above the ceiling rather than another story or attic. But if have the space, it's a worthwhile investment to makeas it offers so much natural light that truly transforms the feeling and can add a ton of value for the room's new lease on life.


2. Avoid Heavy Fabrics

Window dressings can be one of the biggest blockers of light in your home. Granted, that's sometimes exactly what you want, especially for a good night's sleep. But blockout blinds can do just the same job without the heaviness of full fabric curtains. A roman blind can pulled right up and out of sight during the day to reveal exposed windows and all their natural light. If you're concerned with privacy, add floor skimming sheers from a rod positioned higher than the windows architrave for softness and the bonus added illusion of taller windows.


3. Use More Mirrors

It’s a simple thing, but adding more mirrors to your home really can make it lighter. This is because it takes the natural light that’s already entering the space through the windows and reflects it around the room. It adds to the light without you actually bringing in more natural light from the outside. So, whether you like the look of a full mirrored wall, a sunburst mirror, or a classic arched mirror leaning on a console, it might be time for a spot of mirror shopping.


4. Prune the Trees Outside Your Home

One of the most overlooked areas to increasing the amount of natural light in a home is the impact the surrounding natural environment has on the inside. For example, if there is a dense or overgrown tree outside your window, this could completely block the light that would otherwise be pouring into your home. Use a reliable tree pruning service to ensure this doesn’t become an issue for you. And if you're concerned with removing a tree, consider replanting it, planting another elsewhere in the garden, or weigh up the potential for mould build-up in the darkened room and the impact that could have on your health and the home's value to help you make the decision.


5. Arrange Your Furniture to Maximise the Natural Light

The way in which your furniture is arranged most definitely has an impact on how light your space feels. If you have it arranged in a way that closes the space in, with large pieces positioned in front of windows or walkways, and have lots of darker coloured or dark wood furniture, you could be restricting light flow and creating shadows unnecessarily. Of course, more neutral shades are perfect for creating lightness but thoughtful layout and dressing of your existing furniture can create improvements too. It may mean incorporating some of the other ideas here, painting some walls, replacing some legs with lucite, or even moving pieces around from room to room to find their perfect fit with lightness and airiness as your new decorating guideline.


A light, bright home full of natural light is not only good for elevating your mood, it's also the most commonly desired
interior home-buyers are looking for, and so can add value to your home and help it show better for sale.
Wherever you live, ditch the darkness and let there be light! 

Have you applied one of these ideas?
Let us know in the comments below.





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