5 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Large Backyard

If you’ve got a big open backyard, you might be wondering how you can bring it to life and make the most of the space. A large expanse of grass can certainly be low maintenance, but can become boring (and sunburnt) fairly quickly. But with a little creativity, you can turn your open space into a haven that you - and wildlife - will enjoy spending time in. From beautiful and bright flower beds to cosy outdoor seating for you and your guests, there are countless ways you can transform your garden. Here are some ideas to get the good times rolling in your outdoor area:




Build a sheltered patio

If you’re someone that loves having people over, then you’ve probably always wanted a patio area so you can sit out during the summer. Or, perhaps you’ve already got a patio, but can’t always rely on the weather so you haven’t been able to sit out and enjoy your garden. Either way, building a patio with a metal roof for shelter will allow you to enjoy the fresh air even if the weather decides otherwise. Imagine sitting outside on a fresh morning with a cup of coffee admiring your garden - sounds amazing doesn’t it?!


Get a greenhouse

Gardening can be so relaxing, but when the weather is unpredictable, it can be difficult to get out there and grow anything worth noting. If this sounds familiar, consider getting a greenhouse for your garden so that you can enjoy gardening all year round. Having a greenhouse not only prevents you from getting wet while you’re gardening, but it also allows you to keep control of the temperature so that you can grow fruit, veg and other plants that might have struggled outside.


Add a firepit

If you’re looking for a cosy atmosphere in your garden, then installing a firepit can be just the ticket. You can opt for a wooden fire pit for a slow and cosy burn, or you could choose a gas-fueled fire pit for quick and controllable heat. Either way, make sure you have lots of seating so that it can become a key area when you’re entertaining guests. If you live in an unpredictable climate, make sure you get a cover to keep it protected when it’s not in use.



Set up flower beds

Grass is wonderful, but you might want a bit more colour in your garden. That’s where flower beds come in. Setting up lots of different flower beds around your garden will allow you to plant a variety of different plants in colourful arrangements. The key here is to choose lots of different types of flowers with different flowering seasons so that you can enjoy a pop of colour all year round.


Build a pond

Finally, another great addition to add to a large backyard is a pond, and it doesn’t take much to maintain either. As long as the pond is well-lined and you take care of the pump and filtration system, you could enjoy an array of different fish swimming around in your garden. Consider adding a fountain for a beautiful trickling sound when enjoying your newly renovated backyard.




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