6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Undertaking a Home Reno

Tired of your home? Well, you have two options ahead of you. The first is to move house, but as most of us know, that can be both expensive and stressful. The second, and perhaps more practical option right now is to give your home a face-lift, possibly with a bit of reno action.

Want a bigger kitchen? Want to add an extra 'all-sorts' room to your property? A games room anyone? It all sounds very appealing right?! Still, before you start swinging a hammer, there are a few things you need to consider before any re-modelling project begins. Ask yourself these questions, ensuring you are fully-prepared before your house is turned into a building site.

You can thank me later.


1. Should I bring in the professionals?

For all we know, you may be very proficient with a hammer and a paintbrush. On the other hand, if you are still Googling ‘how do I change a lightbulb,’ then you really should bring in a professional to help you achieve what you are looking for. Especially when knocking walls down, there are all kinds of complications with the electrics and plumbing that you may not be qualified to handle. To avoid the risk of accidental demolition (and risk to your health), contact a building contractor near you to help you put your plans into action.


2. Can I afford the expenses?

There are many expenses to consider, so you must think about the costs. This includes the price of fixtures you are hoping to add, the cost of labour (don't be that person who delays paying the most important people in this!), and any cosmetic features that must be repaired. You need to sit down with your family and possibly your financial planner or property valuer beforehand and have an honest look at your budget. While there are ways to save money on your remodelling project, you do need to ensure you are only cutting costs and not slicing any life-threatening corners when playing with the budget you have available.


3. Am I prepared for the stress?

Some renovations can go on for months, sometimes on the projects you'd least expect - anything can happen! Be prepared that you may have to endure an untidy home, more dust than you know how to handle, the intrusion of builders around your property, and the increased noise factor for some time. Unless you decide to live off-premises during the project, you can expect your daily life to be disrupted in some way that can be stressful if you’re sticking around. Can your nerves take it? Kids? Pets? Keep telling yourself it will all be worth it in the end should your blood pressure rise too much. Or go on a staycation down the road in a different abode!



4. What are the rules and regulations?

You likely won’t need permission when making minor changes to your home, but for major projects, you should speak to your local council or government to ensure you aren’t contravening any building laws. You may need planning permission, so check beforehand as you may have to undo all your hard work once the project has completed if you don’t. You should also protect yourself against any possible disputes with your neighbours, so speak to them beforehand, and gather condition information like SPI dilapidation reports from property inspectors. 


5. Do I want add value to my home?

If you’re renovating your property with the purposes of adding value later on, there are a few things you need to consider. Environmentally-conscious home-buyers will be attracted to any green improvements you have made, such as renewable energy sources and insulation. Extensions and more functional space are another attraction for potential home-buyers, so you may want to consider a loft conversion or adding that second bathroom you home so desperately needs. Then again, there are features that don’t add value, including anything that is considered self-indulgent and very specific to your tastes. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home in the near future, it is still worth considering those features that add value as they may benefit your time in the house as well. Design the home you love, but know your long-term plan beforehand. 


6. What are the needs of my family?

A reno can add to your home aesthetically, but you should also consider practicality. If you have young children or ageing relatives living in your home, you need to consider their needs when you are altering the property. This includes their health and safety during the re-modelling, but also their overall needs and wants from the end results. If you are going to commit to this upheaval in your life, it makes sense to have an idea of each other’s opinion, so you can make the necessary changes now, rather than undergo another project down the line.


When all the dust has settled, and the workmen have finally gone back home, you can enjoy the benefits of your smart decisions. Before that day arrives, plan; have patience; be flexible; be practical as well as a little daring; document everything and enjoy the process! I hope everything works out successfully for your beautiful new space.

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