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Have you been too scared to buy art, thinking you would be in over your head and the process would be too difficult? Or have you admired a friends seemingly excellent taste in art and wondered how they developed it? They are common concerns and desires when decorating or collecting, and one you can alleviate for you with these basic art investment tips.

If you already own a home, then you already have a better understanding of the task than you may realise. When you can begin to think of shopping for art just like you are buying a home, you will still give it the respect it deserves and undoubtedly find the piece that's perfect for you. You never know, you might even find so much gratification in the journey that you become quite the confident collector with the envy of others!


"When one buys some of my artwork I hope it is because they will wish to learn from it and not because they think it will match their drapes!"
- Christian Cardell Corbet



OK, there's really no rules, but if you're buying a piece to match your couch chances are the piece will feel stale pretty soon and can lack the excitement factor that an artwork you truly love can bring. Artwork and ornaments are uniquely personal and have a profound impact on a room. It is perfectly acceptable to design an entire room around an amazing painting or sculpture - in fact, it's often done.

My creative process often feels energetic and tends to produce art with flavour and fervour - a bit of drama in colour, pattern, size or story. So choose artwork that takes on a life of its own, that makes a bold statement, or that you are simply instantly drawn to and enjoy the experience of appreciating it for longer than your lounge lasts.

Because, at the end of the day, those with true style rarely care what anyone else thinks of them, they choose to clothe and home themselves with that which sparks the upmost joy!



There is nothing more depressing than seeing the piece you thought was ‘completely unique’ and ‘one off’ for half price in your local department store.

The fine art marketplace can be complicated unless you take the time to truly discover the Art World and open your mind to the vast variety that is available. With greater exposure and exploration you will develop your eye and knowing. Only then can you define your preferences and make informed and self-assured selections for your collection.Meet the artist where you can or deal with a reputable broker or agent.

And if you can't find an existing piece you love, consider a commissioned artwork that is created with your very own guidelines in mind. Of course, be mindful of choosing an artist that best speaks to your style, and approach this channel with some broad-mindedness to be surprised and delighted with the results rather than disappointed by something only your minds eye could create.

"I may have some pieces that are considered important, but most of the objects are things that evoke a feeling of visual pleasure. I think that part of the pleasure of collecting is to go out and find that great object and then introduce it into your environment."
- James Marinaccio

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Although you want something unique, it doesn't mean it has to be difficult to buy. You can enlist the help of a dealer, go to a physical gallery, or click into the new frontier of collecting and buy art over the internet. From the comfort of your home you can research the artist, evaluate the art in terms of its basic physical characteristics and see multiple views of the piece to decide if it's right for you. If the artist lives nearby, they might even be the one to deliver it directly to your home, providing the personal experience cherry-on-top of what is otherwise an easy and efficient transaction.


"I started collecting art... simply because I wanted pictures to hang on the wall. I noticed what a difference a picture could make to the ambiance of a room, and indeed how shifting work around could change a room's whole feeling."
- Michael Audain







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