How You Can Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

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Back to the bathtub - a bathroom's crown jewel, a beautiful way to detox, and a lot of people's favourite place any time of the year. If you see a bath as an essential part of the bathroom, it's not often it's the only washing option, so it can be one of the first things to be ditched from the dream design. However, if you can be clever with your space planning, choice of tub, or size of the tub, then you may be able to make one work. If you've got the space, go for it in style. Whether you like baths or not, it adds massive zen appeal when it comes to the value of your home. There's everything from stand-alone square tubs that look ultra modern, copper high lipped bowls for max luxury, simple and stylish built up or built in baths, and the ever classic claw-foot in a myriad of colours and finishes. Enjoy the hunt with all these other tips in mind! But if space is tight, the shower over the bath option is still a great one and can be done a lot more stylishly than it has been done in the past. 



Another option, and quite the trend if you've been watching reno reality TV, is to eliminate the bath altogether and turn the entire bathroom into a wet room. It can be a practical way to make more use of the space if your bathroom is on the smaller side of things. But keep a contact for shower repair services on standby as there's a lot to perfect and a whole lot of water. The beauty of the modern shower is that you can make it as large as your space allows and also incorporate spa-like features like steam, rainfall heads, various jets and even seating inside the shower. This can can certainly add a luxurious element to your bathroom, and is a great wellness option for those who cannot physically get into or out of a bath.



Don't let boring bathrooms limit your imagination when it comes to material considerations for your fittings and fixtures. You have the flooring to think about, the walls to cover, bath surrounds, splash-backs and windows and glass. Tiles that look like timber, coloured grout, marble and even ship-lap can be used to great effect to express a mood or style. And if it's a wash-room or powder room, I say there's even more permission to go all out - wallpaper welcome! Plus don’t forget the all important vanity, sink and faucets also come in an array of options and really make a huge difference to how your bathroom looks. Rose gold, black and a recycled mis-match might be options you haven't even considered.

Although bathrooms contain mostly hard surfaces, soft furnishings still have a very important role to play in how your bathroom can textually feel. Layer different fabrics and textures when accessorizing the space - think driftwood bathmats, woven baskets, linen towels or extra fluffy terry or velour robes and slippers. If you are stuck for ideas, then Pinterest is a great source of inspiration...(if you hadn't got there already by this stage!)

Bathroom's are pretty popular places - we bathe there, pamper there, makeup and undo there - and given the rise of and importance of the ritual of revitalizing, it's no wonder we all have a dream bathroom in our minds and on our wish-lists.

Bathroom's and kitchens sell houses, and having recently talked designing the kitchen I thought I would share with you some of the things to think about when it comes to creating the bathroom of your dreams. 

Whether you're building or renovating, or eagerly dream-boarding your soon to be in existence dream bathroom, here's a few keys to consider:



A bathroom is a functional space for sure, but it can also be your sanctuary to retire to the tub to relax or restore your well-being with a steam. It can and should have the atmosphere you desire, not matter how vast or small your space may be. So firstly, think about exactly what you would like from your bathroom, without limits, and make a big wish list. Then we consider the size. Is a bathtub important to you? Do you need a powerful shower? A double shower? Is there the floor space to have both? Are there high ceilings to take advantage of for storage? And does the layout make sense comfortably, or is there a shower door smacking into a loo somewhere? (Yep, been there, done that!) Asking these questions, along with a few birds-eye-view sketches should help you eliminate the completely unfeasible from your wish-list. 

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Bathrooms are normally the least creative space in your home and it can be quite hard to step out of the comfort of the white, sometimes clean and clinical bathroom suite. But there is no rule that you can’t add colour to your bathroom and there are some great ways to do it. If you want to be bold, then add colour to something on a larger surface area like the tiles, feature wall, or tub. For more subtlety choose to add colour through accessories like towels, art and ornaments, and movable storage. This way you can swap and change it when you feel like you want to mix things up a little. Whichever way you choose to add colour, be sure to think about how it feels and how it speaks to your design style or theme. 



The one thing you shouldn’t be tempted to do is to fit or fix a bathroom yourself unless you are a certified in the trade. Same goes with getting help from friends and family. Always, ALWAYS use qualified tradespeople for the job at hand as you will ultimately save money and time from potential mistakes or dangerous situations. No-one got time for finishing a bathroom only to have to rip it all up from dodgy waterproofing. Plus our last bathroom renovation was full of asbestos - definitely not something you want to be messing around with. Enjoy the painting and decorating and put down the pliers.



Are intricate and exotic floor tiles your thing? What about a roll top bathtub, a spa, sauna or steam room? Bathrooms have a plethora of luxury elements you can include for any mood. Opt for underfloor heating to keep your feet warm on chilly mornings, a heated towel rail, marble, double sinks or a custom made vanity. Or do it on a budget with the softest towels you can find, luscious plants, candles and artwork. And don't forget your skin, bath and body products, as even they can elevate you and your bathroom. 


What's in your dream bathroom?
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