Design Driven: Giving Your Driveway The Attention It Deserves

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When you’ve invested in your home; your first priority is often the living space and interior environment.The front of your property may get a little forgotten and neglected, meaning that it has very little to no curb appeal. Whether you’re planning to sell your home and move in the foreseeable future, or you just want to create a beautiful environment both inside and out; there’s no time like the present to turn your attention towards your home’s exterior.

Visitors, potential buyers, and, most importantly yourself, will appreciate the effort that’s been made to the front of your property, and it will set the tone for what lies behind your front door. Whether you feel like you have a major renovation project on your hands, or there are some simple changes to make; each process will make a huge difference to the outdoor appearance, safety, and longevity of your property. As your biggest investment; you’ll want to ensure that you’re looking after your house, so don’t ignore those cracks and overgrown plants; make some changes sooner rather than later. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who want to give their property the boost it deserves and focus on giving some added curb appeal.

“Home is where one starts from.”
–T.S. Eliot


A Fresh Face

Not only will cracks make the outside of your property look aesthetically un-appealing; they can cause problems regarding allowing moisture to penetrate your home, which can lead to structural damage further down the line. Your window and door frames can also warp and change over the years, so it could be time to replace front and garage doors, and give your house exterior a facelift. Always get an expert opinion regarding the safety and structural aspect of your house, before investing in how it will look. New cladding, siding, windows, or even a coat of fresh paint will ensure that your property becomes the most appealing on your street.


More Fresh Facade Ideas

  • Pop a planter in your entry alcove or opt for a seasonal wreath on the door
  • Swap out a sad and small door mat for a large welcoming one
  • Change your front door hardware and make a statement
  • Trim the hedges or plant some or a few well placed flower beds
  • Update the letterbox and add character with a quirky design or large streamlined numbers
  • Create stepping stones to your front door where there is no path
  • Add solar powered pathway or driveway lighting to help visitors find their way


A Deep Clean (and tidy)

There’s little use in investing so much in your home’s exterior if you’re going to forget about your front lawn and driveway. Therefore, it’s worth thinking about a little landscaping, a fresh and smooth driveway or path, and the little touches that will ensure the journey from the street to your front door is a pleasant one. Get rid of unruly plants and ensure that no roots are growing in the direction of your foundations. Check out sites like Pinterest and an array of online sources for driveway inspiration, and discover the best ways to improve your front yard. Pot plants, fencing, and a well-maintained lawn will go a long way towards the ultimate in curb appeal, so start making a list today! Keep the front area of your house clean and tidy, much like you would inside, and you’ll be able to maintain it’s beautiful new appearance.


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