Fashion Designers Who Make Homewares Deserving of Their Own Catwalk

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Fashion designers turning their hand to homewares is nothing new, but just as many smartly venture into cosmetics and fragrance, we are seeing even more taking it all the way to four walls. It makes complete sense, of course, since they are shaping form and function into a thing of beauty in an interior as much as on a body, and have the vision to create atmosphere, emotion and elements of art.

Calvin Klien have CK Home, Virgil designed a collection for Ikea, and Fendi Casa is a thing you'd want to be in. But some of the more striking, and sometimes accessible, crossovers come from those designers who are predominantly pattern and colour or symbol centric. Australian kaftan-of-dreams creator Camilla brings bohemian beauty to the bedroom and beyond, and Gorman, too, have always had a hearty toe in well-made homewares donned in their iconic designs.

From crockery and upholstery, to candles, wallpaper, stationary and statuettes, fashion designer homewares could make it much more affordable for you to own a piece from your favourite house, or indeed, allow you to dedicate your house to their aesthetic if you please! But here are three I'm sure you're familiar with and a look at how the two catwalks marry, inspire each other, and offer greater canvas for the expansion of the brand.



"For me, luxury is a sensibility, an approach to life. It’s not about the season’s newest anything. It’s about personal style and creating an environment of comfort and ease. Luxury is quality and timeless elegance."
- Ralph Lauren




"Color is the story of our life."
- Rosita Missoni




"I think it's the responsibility of a designer to try to break rules and barriers."
- Gianni Versace




Do you decorate with designers who come from fashion?
Do homewares make luxury or designer labels more accessible, or even useful for you?
And if there's one interior item you'll love to own from a fashion house, what would it be?
Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. March 25, 2021 / 06:57

    I never thought about how designers have the vision to really change your atmosphere and create elements of art in your home. I want my house to look more modern and cozy. That means I’ll do or buy whatever I need to so that my guests feel safe and comfortable.

  2. April 19, 2021 / 14:58

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article with us. Since it’s a gift for people who wanna know about fashion.

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