Five Ways to Maintain the Privacy of Your Garden

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We all love the great outdoors, and if you are blessed with a back garden that is of reasonable size, you will want to make the most out it. While enjoying barbecues and parties outside are a great idea, you don’t need neighbours or passing strangers peering in. So here's a few tips on how to maintain the privacy of your garden and enjoy your life outdoors without having to worry about onlookers.


1. Fast Growing Shrubs

One of the long term solutions that will reduce pollution and noise from neighbors and the road is getting some fast growing shrubs. Even if you only have a picket fence between your garden and your neighbor’s, the bushes and hedges will grow in just a few years tall enough to accommodate wildlife and help you get the privacy you deserve in your garden.


2. Reed Screens

A cheap and easy to install option can be adding reed screens to your existing fence or posts. This is a great natural-looking option that allows for air-flow as well as additional privacy. You can keep the colour natural or paint over the screens with spray paints before you install them. Of course, you may have to tell your neighbours what you're doing first if the screens will be installed on their side. 


3. Potted Plants

If you want a fast and decorative privacy solution whether you're renter or you own your home, get yourself some tall and bushy potted plants that will cover your patio or seating area. Round pots, rectangle pots, ceramic, painted, plastic or timber - choose pots that work with your existing garden decor, support the type of plant or tree you prefer, and that covers the largest area of height or width (depending on where your gaps are). If you enjoy exercising in the fresh air or doing sun salutations in the garden, it's a quick solution to add portable lushness while keeping out the peeping toms.


4. Gazebos & Shade Sails

With a quality gazebo, you have a triple treat. Sit outside even when it is raining or windy, get a portable heating solution for cold nights, and get the privacy you need to enjoy entertaining your friends and family members outdoors. If going DIY, choose the gazebo kits with steel frames that will hold steady even when the wind picks up. And decorate with outdoor string lights and comfortable weather-resistant furniture that compliments your home's style. You're essentially extending your home by creating an outdoor room for everyone to enjoy no matter the weather.

Shade sails are another alternative, often popular in warmer climates and over one end of a pool to keep it cool and provide shelter from the sun where taller trees might be sparse. They'll usually require 3 sturdy posts or points so they are strung tight and secure but come in various colours, qualities and shapes to suit any garden. Angle slightly downward in the direction of nosy neighbours and enjoy the cool of the shade moving throughout the day and no-one to watch you play!


5. Fencing Solutions

In case you need a more long term solution, you may need to get your fencing replaced to give you more privacy than the one you currently have. Check out Fencemakers to for inspiration of the design and material that truly suits your garden and home style. Aluminium fences tend to be more accepted these days, especially when a neighbour has to agree and/or pitch in for the price. They can be more unsightly than timber but choose a darker colour than you first think and you'll notice it blends better with trees you plant in front of it. A 6 foot fence would be ideal if regulations allow and a modern laser-cut detail at the top can add some character.

You can also grow trailing plants to climb on any fence to improve both privacy and prettiness. Trellis can be added to every fence panel to grow runner beans, cucumbers, grapes or passion fruit too. Private, pretty and productive! And don't forget to get creative with water features, outdoor art, layering metal screens and installing outdoor lighting to complete your dream secret secluded garden. 


If you love the outdoors and live for those summer parties everyone will remember, it might be a good idea to think about how sound travels in your garden and who could possibly see in and spoil the mood. You don’t want people to see through your fence and intrude on your space while your in your garden, let alone them being able to see into the house itself. But consider one of the above privacy solutions and you'll be planning a garden party every weekend!

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