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Your home is the place where you seek safety and comfort, hoping to find relaxation and chill after a hard day at work. But it can also be a place for entertainment and fun! Whether you have big kids or little kids, transforming your space into a house of fun for max entertainment can help you enjoy your home even more - no matter your mood. And no matter how big or small your space is, here's some ideas to have more fun at home, reduce stress, and connect with your friends and family through play.


A Gaming Room

Whether you have an extra unused room or you can enclose some space, you can build your own gaming room and a home for all your gadgets. Go all out and play to a theme - casino style, pub style, or a geeked out gaming haven! You might add a bar fridge (or even a bar) to entertain guests when they are around for battles. Be sure to have some cool and comfortable seating like gaming chairs and bar stools, or buy bean bags online, so everyone can chill in the space whether they're playing or spectating.  


"They say 'don't try this at home,' so I'm coming over to your house to try it!"
- Your Friends


Comfortable TV Viewing

If you're a household who spends a lot of time watching television or on-demand services you'll want to make sure that everyone is as comfortable as possible. Everyone should be able to see the screen without reflection and still be able to have a conversation with each other. A corner suite can be a good solution, or a corner TV stand, or simply hanging your television on the right angle. Whatever layout you choose, have floor cushions, and individual chairs as back up comfy options for any extra's to the party. A curved TV is another option if you have regular movie nights as they allow the best views from the most angles. And as long as you can decide on what to watch, everyone's happy!


Home Cinema

If there is something that will please every family member and create a great atmosphere at home that all your friends will love, it's the home cinema. Take back the lounge room as a lounging room and instead utilise a spare room where you can set up sound proofing, some cool lighting, and add recliner style cinema chairs. Invest in a good quality sound system and consider having a projector screen with Bluetooth access, to stream movies onto the screen. Decorate in old Hollywood, with a classic cinema style, or with a luxe noir palette for that gold class feel. Have fun and consider it a saving on movie theatre tickets when you can  invite everyone over instead. Just add snacks!


Outdoor Living

No matter your climate make the most out of your outdoor living by connecting your indoors with your outdoors and designing an outdoor room for all-season entertainment. Weatherproof your patio and transform it into a paradise for summer nights, with portable heaters, outdoor fans, windbreaker or sun blocking blinds, awnings or shutters, and varied lighting. Extend your home's useable space and enjoy the great outdoors warm in the winter and cool in summer. Add character by considering natural wind proofing solutions like small shrubs or reed screens, plenty of greenery or flowering plants, fun and functional furniture and decor that lends itself to the way you like to play!


Sports Courts

Save time and money on going to your local fitness center by transforming your patio into a sports room, or get a court set up for your favourite family game. Whether you enjoy tennis or badminton, football, or other ping pong, you can find some great DIY ideas or professional solutions on the internet to get the games zone of your dreams. There are even several DIY tennis court construction videos and guides available online, so you can calculate the cost before you get started. Just be prepared for every kid (or big kid) on the block to come running!


“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.”
 - You


Mood Lighting

To create atmosphere's of ambiance and tranquility, or disco and dance party in your home, get some mood lighting installed. From colour changing lights to ones change based on the temperature, there are plenty of ways you can transform your space and make it more exciting for adults and children alike. Go for low lit with task lighting for playing cards, dimmers or candles for intimate conversation, and string lights and strobes for a dance off. It may not get the most attention, but everyone will love the effects of carefully considered mood lighting that can be changed according to how you feel and what you are doing.


Play with Shades & Shadows

Make lighting even more exciting, soothing or fun with a lampshade that moves and creates amazing reflections. If you are good at DIY, you could even create your own sun-catcher with sewn-in crystal or mirror pieces to catch the light and throw rainbows of beautiful patterns in rooms with natural light. Use beads, feathers, shells, and other natural materials to to suit your home styling, or purchase a more modern or abstract mobile with mirrored elements for a striking effect of shadow play.


Under Stairs or Indoor Hammock

If you're looking for a spot in your home for some quiet time to read or catch up with friends on the phone, you can utilise your under stairs space for more than just storage! Claim the space as your own and install a simple hammock or hanging chair for weightless relaxation. Decorate the space to your style or use it as a spot to display a picture of your favorite holiday destination, your dream board, or affirmations, and hide away and chill out in your own private pod.


Indoor Slide

Yep. Whether you say it's for the kids or the clothes, an indoor slide is the ultimate entertaining addition! And whether installing it next to a staircase or as a chute starting at a landing straight into a living room, games room or laundry room, fun will be guaranteed. If your home's structure and foundation are stable, or you're building or renovating, add some imagination and design skill to create that unexpected fun house wow factor. Alternatively, go for a climbing frame installed on one of the walls... after talking to a qualified structural engineer who confirmed that it is safe to do so, of course!


Think about your favorite activities and let your creativity loose - it's your home after all.
Just be sure to take safety precautions and check your local construction laws before you carry out any work.

Got a unique fun factor to your home?

Tell us about it in the comments below.





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