Hygge Your Home for Spring

If you are into interiors or like to scroll blogger feeds on Instagram, you are likely to have heard the term hygge in recent months. The Danish lifestyle concept is all about cosy contentment and having a cosy and comfortable home (as well as mindset). Naturally, cosiness is normally associated with the winter months, as they are cooler and lend themselves to wearing layers upon layers, having extra throws and blankets in the home, scented candles, and comforts galore. However, there is also another way that you can look at creating cosy contentment, and make it more about feeling comfortable and finding joy in the little things. And when you think about it that way, it isn’t just a thing for wintertime. Don’t we want that all year round, no matter what the temperature?

With spring on the way down here in Australia, it can be a time to change a few things at home as the season’s transition from winter to spring. Though throws, candles, a freestanding wood fire, and hot chocolate are the dream items for embracing hygge, there are different ways to ‘hygge’ in spring. So here are some ideas for creating that feeling in your home as the season transitions. Think florals, soft materials, and letting in plenty of light.


Nature Inside

After winter, everything starts to grow again and plenty of flowers start to bloom. So along those lines, to really embrace the season, it is all about bringing nature inside the home. Fresh flowers in vases dotted around the home is a good way to bring in some joy and contentment - as the blooms unfurl, so do we from our winter layers and hibernation. Houseplants, too, can be a great addition to the home as not only do they make a room look good and add some green into the space, they are natural air purifiers. And if you’ve had your windows firmly shut over winter, they can help with a much needed airing out of your space.



If you're a winter homebody and have been in said state of hibernation (guilty), then you may have noticed little piles of books, blankets, and half-baked projects gathering around your home. Now's the time to take another leaf out of the book of the people of Denmarkand declutter. The Danes are all about clean lines and keeping things simple and streamlined. Freshen up with a spring clean and simplify your spaces. Have a look at the things that you no longer use or need. Throwing them out, recycling them, or selling them on, can be a instant way to embrace hygge, cosy contentment, and general feelings of calm.


Let There Be Light

With spring and the flowers that bloom, it is a time that naturally lends itself to lighter and brighter colours. So if you’re not in a position to be getting new windows or changing your doors, you can create more light through the colours that are in your home. If you’ve got dark cushions, throws, art or quilt covers happening, swap them out for some lighter and brighter counterparts. Replacing thick knit or faux fur cushions with linens and cottons can add some instant lightness and generally give a fresher feel to the room. Swap out heavy fabric curtains for lighter or sheer materials or just blinds on the windows to let in as much natural light as possible. It can be surprising, but also addictive, just how much of a difference fabrics and colours can make. Box everything 'winter' away in plastic tubs and you'll soon love to rotate your easily replaceable decor with the seasons.

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“Hygge is charged with a strong orientation and commitment toward experiencing and savoring the present moment.” 
― Meik Wiking, The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living


Diffuse Essential Oils

The great thing about candles in winter is that they not only offer a nice seasonal scent (come at me, vanilla chai), but they provide instant cosiness with the flickering heat of the wick. But when the weather is getting warmer and sunnier, lighting candles can feel a little heavy. So instead, think about using a diffuser for essential oils. There are plenty of oils to choose from, but for spring scents like rose, lemon, grapefruit, and peppermint oils can create a happy and uplifting mood in the room. Much like having green houseplants, the essential oils can be a good way to purify the air, rather than the toxic fumes that can come from cheap candles. Diffusers might cost a little more than candles, but they are worth it and can be used all year long, especially in spring and summer.

If essential oils aren’t your thing, then candles can still be a good option. Look for ones that are natural, made from soy or beeswax, as they won’t have any toxic fumes or leave any of those dreaded black marks on your wall. There are so many with spring-like scents to choose from, so look for ones scented with citrus or floral tones. And my Southern Hemisphere friends, put the gingerbread or winter seasonal candles away for now as we come into spring, but nearby enough to whip out for some traditional Halloween or Christmas celebrations!


Fresh Air

When the weather is getting warmer, it can be a good time to air out the house and get plenty of fresh air yourself. Open windows and doors to let in a breeze; it can be good for your health, mood, and the circulation and moisture of the home. I also air out doona's, blankets, cushions, pillows, and any soft furnishings that can be pulled outdoors to let the sun do it's thing and kill some bacteria. Fresh air can be quite soothing too after wrapping ourselves up for so long, so it can be nice to sit by an open window as you work. Not to mention getting outdoors when you can to enjoy the fresh air and soak up some much needed Vitamin D - sunscreen on, of course!


What are you looking forward to most this spring?
Tell us what you've done in your home to embrace some spring hygge and get ready for the season ahead.





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