Why I’m Hooked on DesignHome & How to Play Like a Pro

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DesignHome. It's the only game I have on my phone. And I'm hooked.



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DesignHome is an interior decorators dream app, whereby you as the designer follow a brief with the budget you have and design a room for each client. You earn dollars on completion, are voted to earn points for against all other submissions for that space, and can win furniture and accessories prizes for your high-scoring points.

If you really want to get your hectic gamer face on, there's an option to buying more of what you need to create the best designs. Some designers are using it this way to showcase their talents, usually not straying far from briefs in their design style of expertise. But for me, it's way more fun to learn and earn and out-design my last project, trying my hand at styling everything from a modern kid's room in Vancouver Canada, to an all blue living room in Dublin, Ireland.

I can't even remember how I came across it but I'm so glad I did. It's a few minutes or a few hours of fun...depending on your to-do list and desire to procrastinate, of course. But, alas, consider it education if you're wanting to work in the industry one day, or research if you're building the dream home or renovating to a theme and budget. You'll soon see exactly why I'm hooked.


Here's my top hints for playing like a pro:

1. Play less to play more. Ok, stick with me here. Initially, while you build up your Daily Reward Diamonds you will want to pace yourself to one room a day - the $2,500 reward rooms. This might mean you're not playing for long, but it also means within about a week you'll have a neat little bank of diamonds to spend on the all important artworks, plants and decorative items...and that will be very handy. Trust me, the whole point is to create beautiful spaces and it will break your heart to enter a half-baked room because you need the cash and you ran out of greenery. #onlyagamerknows right?! 😉

2. Pick your plays. Yep, as hinted above, you want to save your first few plays for the big ticket pays of $2,500 and sometimes even a special $1,000 challenge. But I'm also talking about assessing some briefs to see if that space is a) one you can actually make look half decent - some are laid out ridiculously and nothing you put in there will look good; and b) one you can work with utilising the inventory that you've currently got or can afford to buy - two sofas in one room, for example, might be stretching your couch count and there's not too many styles that can pull off the mismatched sofa situation. So before you dive into decorating every single open project, have a little scroll through and see what works best for you. #yourewelcome 😉


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3. Artwork & Accessories can make or break. True story. You will likely notice it while you're voting before you see it in your own rooms, and this is why I don't diss the obligatory vote feature - it helps you see what works and what doesn't, not unlike browsing an IKEA catalogue. Most people on this game - professionals designers or otherwise - are going to vote with their eyes half open at some point. That's a squint. And when you squint and combine it with a top and bottom comparison, your eye is simply moving to the colour or fullness of the space you desire most - and not many desire empty space. So plants (the bigger the better), well placed art and strategically placed accessories win. #bigwallsneedmorethansmall 😉

4. Borrow wisely. Oh so tempting. That borrow button winks at you, usually when you're on such a roll you're all smiles and bad decisions. It's got a 24hr time lock with a one time use on the piece so use it on the requirements you simply cannot meet - like a renaissance tall shelf, for example, that you'd rarely be stocking in your inventory unless you are really into that style. The other time you might want to use it is if your room is seriously lacking the pizazz the brief requires after testing out every option in your collection. Then you want to go big or go home. #seewhatididthere 😉



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There's a whole other post I could write about understanding styles, and rants I could go on about eclectic versus eccentric.
But hey, I'll let you have a giggle about all of that to yourself for now. It is just a game, after all.... so #happyplaying!


Are you playing? Are you hooked? What's your best moves?

Pop them in the comments and let's play!





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  1. August 15, 2017 / 18:16

    I am hooked for sure, so much fun, will play all big payment ones for a week so can spend up big to decorate to hearts content but am guilty of spending a couple bucks at start to get going hahaha

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