How to Keep a Calm Home When Life Feels Overwhelming

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Modern life is more stressful than ever before. Quite frankly, it can seem manic from the moment you step outside your front door. So make creating a relaxed and calm home top of your agenda this weekend. Ensuring that your property retains the comforting rewards of a calm vibe needn’t be as tough as you might fear either. Try these five tips on for size, and your home sanctuary will wash away those outside stresses to keep you smiling.


Keep It Protected

Whatever way you look at things, a safe home is a happy home. Therefore, going the extra mile to keep out the threat of burglars is something that all homeowners should look to do. The latest home surveillance systems are a godsend while it pays to ensure that all doors and windows are suitably protected. Aside from the physical and financial benefits, this will have a telling impact on your emotional happiness. Trust me, you don't want to keep putting this off as one day it may be thrust into the 'if only I had' arena....and it becomes 'one day' too late.


Make Practical Decisions

Room layouts have a huge impact on the overall look and appearance of the home. One of the most important factors is to ensure that the space is used in an efficient manner. Kitchen renovations should aim to embrace storage space while the use of islands can be highly rewarding for the relaxed social atmosphere they create. On a similar note, you need to know that your home is blessed with all the tools, fixtures and features needed to complete tasks in the quickest fashion. Invest in a vacuum that actually does the job, appliances that work efficiently, and install long-lasting energy efficient light bulbs - with some on hand to spare. After all, these necessities will give you more free time to actually enjoy your space.


Choose Calming Designs

The interior design choices you make will also go a long way to setting the right tone. From wallpaper choices to additions like houseplants, every decision can have a big impact. Same goes for filling those empty photo frames with favourite memories of family , friends and adventures. When coupled with versatile lighting features - ambiance is everything and dimmers are calming gold - achieving the right vibes in all situations becomes a simple task. Apart from anything else, these are the considerations and layers of life that makes your home feel like it belongs to you and not a designers show home.



Beds Fit For Royalty

Given the stresses of daily activities during the waking hours, it’s imperative that you get things right during the sleeping hours. While leading a healthy lifestyle and making the right daily choices can aid your sleep patterns, nothing beats a good mattress. Plus, combined with the right curtains or shutters for your personal light level love, you’ll start and end each day in style. In truth, the impact this can have on your overall stress levels, and general happiness is huge. Do not overlook it for a second. Bring on the perfect calm night's sleep and waking up vital and chill!


Dedicate A Space For Mess

Keeping the home clean and organised is important, but we all know it’s near impossible to stop all mess. This is a natural part of living in a loving family home and is nothing to be ashamed about. So keeping this sometimes 'problem' localised to a designated playroom or crafts area can make a world of difference. Converting the guest room is the obvious answer. Alternatively, garages, nooks for a cupboard, or detached sheds can serve as great solutions. If you can shut the door on those problems, leaving the rest of the home looking good, you (and everyone including your guests) will stay a lot calmer. 


Making the necessary investments of time and sometimes a little money to make these changes can be so worth it.
And your sanity deserves to come home to calm.
Is your home your sanctuary? What have you done to create your very own haven of peace?
Let us know in the comments below and let's inspire each other. 





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