Moving House Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make


Moving house isn’t most people’s idea of fun - sure the new home, new surrounds and new adventures is exciting, but the actual packing and moving and unpacking bit, not so much! Whether you move across town or the country, the process can be a complicated one, requiring time, money, and effort. The complex nature of relocating many moving pieces, people and all with precision timing means that mistakes often happen too, causing stress along with additional costs. Thankfully, this can be avoided and your next home move can be much easier when you avoid these 6 mistakes.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”
- Walt Disney


1. Picking The Wrong House

While moving house is difficult, house hunting can be a whole other exhausting process in and of itself. Because of the pressure to buy at the right time and at the right price (whatever these might be to your or agent at the time!), some people find themselves settling on homes they don’t actually like. Rather than waiting to find their dream house, they pick the wrong property out of desperation. When you begin to feel frustrated and stressed about house hunting, take a break and wait. This will give you time to regain perspective and not get in over your head financially or with a renovation you had no intention of undertaking.


2. Moving Without Expert Help

There are many things in life you can easily do yourself. Moving house, however, isn’t one of them. Although you could DIY the process, having experts on hand makes sense in so many ways. After a few solo, friend or family moves gone wrong, you'll see the full value of a team who have years of experience, muscles and machinery to get the job done so much faster and so much safer! Without professional movers, you’ll spend much longer planning the move, which means making better decisions, less delays, and likely a lot less headaches on the actual day. Find movers you can trust with good reviews and make the smart investment



3. Overlooking Any Hidden Costs

The decision to not hire experts for your relocation can reveal some nasty hidden costs, the most obvious been hiring a van, truck, trailer or U-Haul. Vans can work, but if you only have small items, or look into the cheapest ute rental instead. Make sure you also have plenty of packing materials and you take your time to secure breakables, label boxes, and cover your load on the roads. It also pays to avoid parking fines and know where you can pull up and for how long at your final destination. It's a risk you take when going it alone that certain precious items could be damaged and more than a day wasted going back and forth with often a lot of back-breaking lifting going on. Plan according to all costs considered. 


4. Forgetting To Change Address

Utility providers, banks, and the post office won’t know that you’re moving - this is something you have to tell them. The trouble is, among the many larger moving tasks, this one is usually forgotten. If you forget to change addresses, then you could miss important letters, end up with fines for late payments, or have mail go missing. So make sure to be diligently organised contact any and all establishments and update your postage details at least a week before moving.



5. Missing A Survival Kit

Even when using movers, there are some belongings you shouldn’t hand over. When packing up your home, make sure that you put together a moving survival kit. This box should contain anything you might need to get you through your moving day, as well as the day after. Think a change of clothes for the whole family, a few essential food items, water, keys to the old house and the new house and maybe even some blankets and bedding if your furniture won't already be in place. These items will alleviate some of the "ok-we-made-it-here-now-what" stress, so make sure you don’t let the box get mixed up with any others - even better - make it a big bag!


6. Taking Everything With You

The more boxes and furniture you move with, the more complicated the move becomes. Not only will it take much longer to pack your things, but you’ll need a larger moving vehicle too, and spend more time unpacking it all and feeling settled. This means spending more money, more time, and potentially, yep, even more anxiety over things you can't find and delayed distraction to your life. So take the move as a chance to purge your home of clutter. Before you begin packing, do a big spring clean-up and clear out and make sure you get rid of whatever you don’t want, won't work in the new abode, or is broken and damaged. And take in every single room from your office to your wardrobe and everything in between. Your future self thanks you for making this effort, and your new home will feel just that, all brand NEW!


Moving house isn’t the easiest process, but avoiding the mistakes above will make it less stressful.
"Home is where the heart is, even if you can't remember which box you packed it in."
- Unknown

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