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New Orleans is an eclectic melting pot of style, culture, history and fun, especially when it comes to architectural and interior design. But most prominently, the colonial French influence can be seen at every turn. So much so, they even have a whole district - the French Quarter - drenched in its very own creole flavour of effortlessly elegant and meets quirky-cool French. With a neutral base, the illusion of height, attention to detail and elements of surprise, you too can inject some New Orleans French influence in your home.

"There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future."
- Charlotte Moss



If you like the idea of an all-white interior but just can't go there for practicality and warmth reasons, then a French wash over your interior might be just the thing for you. Think unified white, off-white, creamy and bisque walls, cabinetry, ceilings and even floors. White sheer curtains and blinds, light fittings, doors, windows and trims. For the Parisian apartment vibes, add a statement modular sofa, chairs, tables and main furniture pieces, then layer in antique metallics, mirror and metals. If in decor doubt, choose white. The rest of this style needs a clean and quiet canvas that is near impossible to mistake with a neutral base.



If your space is blessed with high ceilings, celebrate and continue. If not, create the illusion with footed furniture, glass, mirror, elongated shapes including panelling and pendants, lots of natural light, and floor to ceiling curtains just to name a few. Plus, the added importance of that bleached base helps lighten, brighten and open the space up for the ornate extras to come.



Inside and out, the attention to small details adds so much texture and breathes into the stillness the narrative of yesteryear made modern. Whether it's ornate knobs and handles, a tin ceiling or tessellated tile pattern, or even the legs of an armchair speaking to the shape of a chandelier - details matter. French antiques aside, there's plenty of modern replicas, remakes and decor that speaks to the just-enough-ornate vibe of Parisian chic you want to encapsulate.



New Orleans has a sense of humour, a sense of mystery and a gay love affair for letting both converse in their French flair designs. What makes this style appear casually collected and effortless, you can carefully curate in your selections of what stays and what goes. On one hand, streamline for function, and on the other, max out on a giant gilded frame, ostentatious bed, quirky lamp, dark and heavy chest or an ornately detailed ceiling rose. You should be able to walk into a room and feel calmly elevated, then drawn to several surprises as you luxuriate in the spaciousness. You'd do well to amuse yourself and leave others wondering!
french interior design inspo new orleans home


"I always put in one controversial item. It makes people talk."
- Dorothy Draper


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