Old Home On-Trend Features to Embrace

Keeping up with interior design trends can be as tiring as trying to stay up to date with the latest fashions. (Who says you have to anyway?! Do you boo!) But, it could be as simple as turning to what you already have.

Those of us in old homes may lament those classic features which don’t fit modern living, but it’s time we approached them differently. In fact, traditional home features match more trends than you might imagine and often stay 'classic' for so much longer. That said, it shouldn’t be too tricky to update your space if you're feeling the need. Nor too costly. To prove the point, let’s look at four current trends which you may find in your old home.


Exposed brick

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (pun very much intended), you might have heard that exposed brick is big business. Blame Instagram if you want, but we’re going mad for walls without plaster. And, a quick look at a few of these babies makes it easy to see why. Exposed brick walls fit perfectly with the industrial image and raw, earthy themes we all love so much at the moment. It's a simple way to make a significant impact in any room - yep - even a bedroom. But, many of us can’t take the risk of removing plaster without professional help. In newer homes, this isn’t even possible, because walls aren’t made of brick. But, your old home may be ideally suited to match this trend. Even better, many old buildings come complete with feature brick fireplaces. If an update of the actual fireplace is needed browse heaters and you’ll easily see they can make a beautiful, cosy, space and totally Instagrammable moment in your home. That you actually get to live #nofilterneeded.


High ceilings

Old-style English country cottages are the worst offenders for low ceilings, and for some reason, so many modern spec homes are still built with such low ceilings. But, houses built during the Georgian period for example, as well as a lot of Antipodean homes, are famed for their high ceilings. Why do these work so well for minimalism? Because they provide a spacious and expansive feeling which is just what you’re after. In fact, you could argue that nothing’s better for the illusion of spaciousness than a high ceiling. If your home is blessed with a high ceiling, painting it and your walls white can take that spacious feeling to a whole new level. All you would need is one or two prints on the walls, adjustable pendent lighting, and a tall house plant to complete this image - not matter your decor style. Embrace those high ceilings and they'll be the envy of everyone's attention. Who would have thought the generations before could get things so right in the design stakes?


Large doors

It's not hard to see that show-stopping doors have been in the spotlight this interior season. And older homes often already have these sorted, especially the case with front doors. Entrances were a big deal back when homes were very much a status symbol, complete with imposing door, ornate hall, and maybe even a drawing room. Colourful, large doors are the trend of the day and not likely to be going away. And, while existing modern homes are limited in what they can do here without a full entrance remodel, you may have many more options to embrace yours if you're the lucky owner of one. Does yours need a little TLC? Does it draw the eye and welcome you in? Sand, paint, replace or shine up hardware, and as easy as that, you’ll improve your curb appeal and cement your place as a home fashion icon. #yesplease!


Wooden beams

Of course, we couldn’t talk about interiors of old houses without mentioning wooden beams. In truth, few of us would consider these an inconvenience. They’re most often what we look out for when we search for a 'house with character.' But, you might not realize that these traditional features could help you get closer to yet another trend. Dark woods are trending in the wake of the distressed, lighter options we’ve come to know. Now, you can’t do any better than incorporating dark wood coffee tables and shelving. What’s more, your wooden beams themselves have got this covered. If you can’t afford to go out and stock up on new pieces, you don’t need to worry, your rooms come complete with a dark wood feature. And they look great whether you've taken your old home into modern day, kept it traditional, rustic, raw, or opting for a luxe beach house feel. #youwin


Have you got beautiful old features in your home that are so on trend right now?
How are you renovating, stripping back, exposing and embracing them?
Let us know in the comments below.





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