Preparing Your Garden For The Winter Months

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Whether you're in the Northern Hemisphere and the colder weather is now upon you or you're in the Southern Hemisphere and want to be organised, we all know what the cold harshness of winter can do to a garden. As winter creeps in the leaves begin falling off trees, potted plants start dying out, and it simply becomes too cold to spend any sort of extended time in your garden, especially with your hands in the earth. Preparing your garden for the winter months so that it still looks presentable, and so that come springtime, you don’t have as much will keep your garden healthy, productive and looking great. Here's some tips on how to prepare your garden for winter before it's too late.


Mow the lawns & trim the hedges

During the winter, lawns and hedges don’t tend to grow that much simply because it’s too cold for it to do so, but they frame your home and are the first welcome onto your property that deserve to look their best. Take the opportunity to mow your lawns and trim your hedges one final time before any extremely cold weather hits so that your curb appeal still looks neat and tidy during the chilly season. Trimming your hedges back a considerable amount will give you plenty of time before having to do them again come springtime. And treating your lawn with products such as evergreen will keep it as healthy as possible, ready to wow again in warmer weather.


"In seed-time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy." 
- William Blake


Out with the old, ready for the new

When old or sick plants are dying out due to the colder weather approaching and the trees becoming bare, it may be time to get rid of them so your garden doesn’t look scruffy and to give the soil time to rest before replanting in Spring. It's also the perfect time to pre-plan anything you want to do with your garden next year, such as renewing garden furniture or installing a new shed.  This might mean a clean up, chop up and change so arrange a rubbish bin hire to take away the old and you'll avoid needing to go out in the cold to get Spring ready. You'll be a step ahead and all you might have to worry about during winter is some snow removal!


Plant evergreens

Of course, there's no need to rip out everything...unless, um, there is! But consider buying and planting some evergreen shrubs so that your garden still has volume, looks beautiful year round, and it's one less tree to drop it's leaves. Hardier, maintenance-free plants and hedges are also a great option - plants will vary depending on your location - but think boxwood, spruce, echinacea and heather. And don't be scared to decorate your stoop with realistic faux potted flowers, twigs and branches or a seasonal wreath, as all these outdoor elements make up part of your prettiest winter garden.


Purchase winter garden accessories

If you love being outdoors regardless of the weather, prep your garden for winter entertaining and special snowy moments with some of these winter accessories to make spending time in your garden that little bit better:

  • Clay fire stove pot for an open fire that everyone can snuggle around.
  • Snuggly cushions and blankets for fireside storytimes
  • A patio heater if you’re not keen on a chimenea, or fire pit
  • Gazebo for weather protection, especially wind and rain.
  • Outdoor Christmas lights to make it more festive.

As you can see, with a little bit of work now, your garden can be winter ready
and save you from tonnes of work come springtime.

How do you get your home winter ready?
Share your best tips for a cosy home and garden in the comments below.
And HAPPY last quarter, whatever your season!

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