Renovation Ideas That Will Completely Transform Your Home

If your home has seen better days then it’s time to stop putting off the inevitable. You should feel comfortable in your home even if you’ve never been a particularly “house proud” person. The aesthetic of a house is important as your surroundings affect your mood, so if something in your home isn't working for you, it might be time to change it. So when renovating for your own residence here are some ideas that will completely transform your humble abode.


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Go streamlined to open it up

One of the best ways to transform your home is a a good strip back a minimalistic design or "back to basics" if it's an older style home. If you’re looking to reclaim spaciousness in your household then making the layout more open will help to achieve this. Obviously begin with a good de-cluttering. This will help you understand what you really have, really need and help you get rid of it or design better storage for it all. Still, de-cluttering an entire home (and if we're talking knocking down walls) can be a very overwhelming process if you’ve hoarded a lot of junk over the years. You might want to read about the price of rubbish services at Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal if you end up with a growing pile on your front lawn during the renovation process. It’s important that you get help to make sure that you dispose of your waste properly - for your own safety, that of your neighbours, and of the environment.

Of course, spaciousness is only one aspect of a renovation. It’s about stripping down your home’s aesthetic on the whole to discover your desired style. Colour and lighting both play a big part in achieving this - from the paint on the walls, the colour of the floors, windows, shutters or blinds you choose from a company like ABC Blinds, plus natural light, light fittings and fixtures. For example, you might want to think about giving your interior walls a makeover with a fresh coat of white or light paint in order to neutralize your home’s design. This will help to naturally reflect light and brighten up your house. Coupled with your new de-cluttered and streamlined aesthetic, this will help to give your home the desired streamline design. Whether you are into minimal design or not, you’ll feel much more relaxed and the space will be feel much larger and brighter with a fresh canvas, and you can start layering your style from here. Living around a reno can be crazy so if you're not a pro it can be wiser to leave the decor decisions until it's finished and you have the physical and mental space to get it just right.



Expand with a converted room

On the theme of spaciousness, you could really transform your home by expanding it with a converted room. Before you spend a lot of money on a brand new conservatory, you could simply look at the space that you’re not fully utilizing in your home. You could convert your garage into a brand new workshop or a guest bedroom rather than letting it become storage space for your old junk. If you took the advice in the last point then you should have de-cluttered this space already. It could become a really valuable space that helps to expand your home.


Create a timeless aesthetic

If you want your home renovation to stand the test of time then you need to think about the future. It’d be frustrating to put in all this effort and then find yourself back at square one in a year’s time when your interior design starts to look outdated. Aim to renovate with how you'd like to be living so that it looks good and you continue to enjoy it for years to come. A smart choice if you're unsure is  to avoid trends and instead try to make your home’s aesthetic look as classic as possible so that it remains timeless. 


Sometimes, simplicity is the best way to ensure your home remains timeless. And the whole point of a renovation is to make a change, so keep that original desire in mind as you progress, even though it can certainly be a scary and tiresome project - the results will be so worth it!

Has your home undergone a reno recently? How did you go?
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