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There are many occasions when you feel the need to start again and refresh the decor a room in your home. It could be that you have just moved into a new home and you don’t like the look of that one room, or you would just rather it had a different style altogether that suits you better. Maybe your style has changed, your family is growing, kids have moved out, or you're switching up the use of the room. Whatever the situation is, there are plenty of exciting things about redecorating your space to look forward to, but let’s look at how to go about arranging such a project successfully.



If the space you're playing with is now a "spare," improving your spare room and turning it into something useful is only limited by your imagination! There are so many creative ways to use an extra room that can enhance your lifestyle, improve organisation, or even add value to your home. The space doesn’t just have to be a bedroom; instead, you can transform it into anything else that you want it to be - a home office, a library, a gift wrapping station and craft room, a music room, or maybe you could set up your very own workout or meditation space. Consider practicality of course, but use this opportunity of change to create something special in your home.


Get It Clear In Your Mind

Before you do anything else, the most important first step is to make sure that you get clear in your mind what you want from the room. As long as you can do that, you will be much more likely to end up with it in real life, and the more vividly you picture the end result, the better. What furniture will be in the room; how big is it; what colour scheme are you going for; is the lighting effective; do you already have the decorative pieces for the room, or do you need to go shopping? Be as clear as possible - a mood board or Pinterest board definitely helps - and the end result will be much more effective.


Strip The Room Out

In order to really start afresh with a room, you really do have to strip it out to its bare bones. That means taking out all of the furniture, removing the wallpaper, and even going so far as to remove the fixtures and fittings if you are thinking of changing the layout or structure of the room. Of course, for anything requiring expertise you lawfully don't have it is much safer and wiser to find some electricians in your local area to do it for you. With the room gutted, you will then have greater freedom to do what you want to it - and you might find it easier to picture what you’re going to do.


mini room refresh makeover home interiors blog office
mini room refresh makeover home interiors blog library
mini room refresh makeover home interiors blog


Make Your Decor Decisions

This kind of one room makeover is a great opportunity to start with a spectacular piece of art or bold style, that can then inform the later decisions. What’s more, once you have stripped the room out, it is a unique opportunity to try out a range of colours or themes you have been wanting to incorporate into your home. Make full use of this time - there are not many occasions to be quite so liberal with your paintbrush and creativity - just keep in mind the flow of the other spaces if you're looking for continuity throughout - or not, if you're dressing a dramatic powder room for example!


Filling The Space

Once you are really happy with your decor choices, it is time to think about filling the space with your new items or re-arranging the room's old pieces, maybe with a DIY twist. Furniture will naturally be positioned first and the room will generally start to take on its new character. The layout can be something of a test, and you will find that if there are going to be any disappointments, it’s probably going to be now. But as long as you have been careful (measure twice, cut or buy once), you should end up with a new room you love and get much more practical use out of.

And remember, you don't have to do this all in one weekend (hi, fellow impatient friends)! Allow the ideal layering and finishes of the refit to take shape over time as you find the right pieces at the right price and allow yourself the room to play, make those potential mistakes, and try again - because that's the beauty and thrill of interior home design and decoration after all!

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