Rose Gold Christmas Decoration Inspiration

rose gold christmas tree decoration inspiration interiors blog

It's December now so I'm officially spamming Christmas from here on out! Kidding...maybe. But, yay, here's to lots and lots and lots of my favourite season! And decorating dreams for a home bigger than my current 1 bedroom apartment sitch.

But alas, this is why we blog and read blogs, right?! And we have to start somewhere. And I'm very happy to report that my little sis and her fam are thoroughly enjoying their first Christmas in our first home - The Mill House - and my actual Christmas tree is enjoying it's new life in the reception of our IT company. It's black and shiny and gorgeous, but that is not the aesthetic that is rocking my world right now....ROSE GOLD is!

Yes, rose gold is everywhere and has been for awhile but I'm still not done with it, and I've fallen madly in love with it as a soft and feminine, yet rich and luxurious Holiday decorating colour scheme. It's dreamy pink and peach tones with rosy gold flecks and shimmer is just so mutli-seasonal and you know I'm all about that - especially at this time of year with friends in both hempispheres.

It looks incredible as a full tree colour but works just as beautifully for an ornament colour choice with mixed metals of silver, gold, bronze, white, and glass adorning a frosted green tree.

And as table decor, rose gold just pops and screams "we fancy" and we must pop a bottle of Rosé immediately! I love it!

So here's some inspo from cutlery to candles, gift wrapping to gilded wreaths, to help you embrace it for your own Christmas decor this year. Enjoy x






rose gold christmas table decoration inspiration interiors blog
rose gold christmas dinner decoration inspiration interiors blog
rose gold christmas room decoration inspiration interiors blog





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