Space Saving Ideas for a Small Living Room

It's highly likely that the living room would be one of the most used spaces in your home. It's the room you rely on to provide you with relaxation and entertainment - the hub of the home. And if yours is on the smaller side and you're feeling cramped and frustrated - read on my friend - there's some simple tiny home space saving ideas you really need to know:


Make use of the space underneath the window

Take a look at the space that is available under the window with fresh eyes. You may think this space has no use, but there are plenty of ways you can make the most of it. Find a suitable storage cabinet to go underneath the window ledge; place tall, side cabinets at either side of the window; install a bench seat with under seat storage; add baskets for floor cushions and throws, or source a small bookcase...just don't fill it to overflowing with crap. Less is more for small!


Save décor for your walls

In your small living room the best way to add some style and personality is to do so via the walls - with wall art and ornaments that can be mounted to the wall rather than taking up table space all of their own. 


Invest in nesting tables

Nesting tables can be a wonderful solution for those short on space in any room. These tables are a set of tables whereby smaller tables can be placed underneath bigger ones. This means you can easily grab a table when needed; otherwise they can be neatly tucked away, taking up much less floor space than if you simply bought one big and bulky coffee table.


Change your doors

Does your living room open up to a patio? No matter whether you have one or two doors in your living room, you need to consider how they open. If they are swing doors, they take a bit of room to fully open, and that might be room you don't have or would rather use for those nesting tables. You can avoid potential space waste and awkward pass throughs with sliding doors or pocket doors. Not only this, but replacing your doors with glass sliders gives you the chance to let more natural light into the living area, which is going to make it look much bigger.


Say no to floor lamps

I know, it's sad, but if you have a floor lamp in your living room at the moment with a big base or big feet taking up unnecessary space then you know what you've gotta do. All ambiance is not lost - instead, invest in some gorgeous wall lighting that can create a whole new atmosphere depending on the direction of light, bulb colour and materials. 


Overall, the idea of raising or removing as much as possible from the floor will help a teeny tiny room feel much bigger than before, and you can get creative with space efficient form and function. Large wall mirrors, glass or acrylic furniture and sofas with skinny legs can all streamline your space even further. 

What's your best space saving tip for the living room?
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