12 Ways to Shake Up Christmas Tradition For Extra Cheer

christmas shake up tradition extra cheer
  1. Send Congratulations cards instead of Christmas cards, congratulating people on something awesome they did in 2018
  2. Don't do anything that you did last Christmas - don't cook the same food, sing the same songs, or follow the same routine
  3. Do the 12 days of New Year instead of the 12 days of Christmas and see just how much you can fit into the first 12 days of 2019
  4. Decorate in anything but red and green
    Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble-makers….. Steve Jobs
  5. Make it a real party - get custom wristbands made for the day for a fun cost-effective treat.
  6. Wear crowns instead of Santa hats
  7. Visit an observatory to look at the stars instead of the usual Christmas light drive-by
  8. Have Christmas on a different day altogether
    The world we have created is a product of our thinking. Albert Einstein
  9. Fire up the karaoke machine and bust out your favourite R&B tunes instead of carols
  10. Don't wrap a thing, instead find the most creative ways to adorn and transport your gifts
  11. Make every single gift you gift, or only buy handmade gifts
  12. Have a solo Christmas party - take yourself out and love your own company!What tradition have you busted and how?
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