20 Must-Do Beauty Rituals That Keep Me Sane

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beauty rituals keep sane blog blogger makeup baths self care
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As women - as humans - we are all starting to accept that self-care is not just a nice idea,
but rather, an essential ritual to be performed in many and various ways
for the well being of one's body, mind and soul.

Here's just 20 of the beauty rituals I have embraced to keep me being the
happy, healthy and high-vibing human I was born to be:




9. At least once a week swim in the pool or ocean (twice if it's extra nice)
10. At least once a week sauna/steam room sweat (lucky to have both downstairs!)
11. Weekly nail buff and polish (I love kester black nail polishes)
12. Daily diffusing of pure essential oils for passion, motivation, clearing energy, or ridding odours to name a few (so good for home and work, plus my diffuser has a colours of the chakras scroller that is so so good!)
13. At least once a week warm bath (with candles and relaxation music)
14. Weekend boogie (a habit from growing up watching Saturday morning rage on the telly - gotta have a dance off with bey or j-lo)
15. Wash my brushes (use baby shampoo in backwards and forwards motions in your hand and dry flat out of direct sunlight)
16. Weekly at home tan (courtesy of Bondi Sands)
17. Daily tan extender (I swear by this one)

  1. Daily walks (fresh air cures almost everything!)
  2. Morning stretch (on my beautiful yoga mat)
  3. Nightly herbal tea (I love this caffeine-free tummy tea)
  4. Nightly hand cream (right up to my elbows!) and cooling foot cream massage (seriously good!)
  5. Apply Deep Sleep blend to temples (This really does work)
  6. Gentle exfoliation every other night (The best scrub I've ever used)
  7. Twice a week facial masque (pink clay, cellular renewal, or glam glow)
  8. At least weekly meditation, visualisation and journaling session (get the gunk out of your head and watch your world light up and lighten up. Holding onto heavy emotions and anxiety can often show up in your breath, digestion, blood pressure and heart to name a few, not only causing you to not look your best, but also not feel your best. Quiet time, breathing and release is such an important beauty tool...and it's free my friends. Get on it!)



18. Monthly hair treatment (at the hairdresser or with Olaplex #3)
19. A bi-monthly haircut instantly lifts my mood (fine for my longer hair - it's usually 6 weeks when my hair is shorter)
20. After every flight or trip away I do a 30 day renewal of my overall health from the inside out by eating as clean, lean and green as possible, eliminating toxic and acidic foods, exercising daily, hydrating like hell and getting plenty of sleep. If you think about how much we travel...this is happening a lot of the time. I don't go to crazy with drink or dessert while I'm away but it certainly takes away the guilts I used to have that would often prevent me from fully enjoying myself. And in fact, I LOVE to feel good - it really does light up your hair, skin, eyes and overall energy like nothing else - and I'm so down for that!


“There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves and remember that it is
enough to be taken care of by my self.” Brian Andreas

Share your sanity-saving health and beauty must-do's in the comments below.

* The typical results are different for everyone. Results vary depending on individual effort, body composition, age, eating patterns, exercise, and the like.





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