5 Fresh Ways to Use Essentials Oils Every Day


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Gone are the days of essentials oils only being found in massage parlours and gathering dust in the back of a crystal shop - these babies are rocking social media everywhere and for good reason. Here's a few simple ways to use essential oils in your every day:



Whether it's a 6am wake up dot to the temple with pure peppermint, an afternoon lemon zest pick me up dab in the elbow, or a lavender dot on the wrist before bedtime to wind down and relax, essential oils have become part of my day as much as skincare. Aromatherapy works best on the pulse points of the inside of your wrist, on your neck and chest, inner elbow, bend of the knee and ankles. When using pure and highly concentrated essential oils like this, less is more, especially around the face. It's about transporting your senses to a place of well being and vitality and, with these, everyone around you will feel it too. Good Karma.



Yes, there's a reason you're seeing these nifty little devices everywhere at the moment. They friggen rock! Ours is on every second we are at home - in the morning with a fresh lemon or uplifting peppermint (great for concentration) and in the evening with lavender or a soothing blend like this Harmony beauty from Arbonne. And this diffuser changes through the colours of the chakras for total ambiance and good vibes only in your home. Love!


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I was mortified to find my cutest, comfiest flatties are also the smelliest!! So in a clean spray bottle I dropped 10 drops of anti-viral lemon essential oil, and 5 drops of anti-bacterial peppermint essential oil, a few cupfuls of white vinegar and the rest water and sprayed the inside of my shoes to blast the bad odours. It works wonders and I'm particularly stoked to not use those nasty powders that make shoes slippy and blistery. Happy Camper.


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Get thee an essential oil or two in your lunchbox or work desk draw and whip off the top come 3 o'clock - I guarantee there'll be such a pep in the room people will come from miles - at least, that's what happens to me! Feeling sleepy? Dab some peppermint on your temple. Sore neck from cramping over the computer? Massage some lavender into the area. Not only will you smell amazing but your senses will be invigorated and enlivened. Keeping it close by will mean you'll remember to use it because - I don't know about you - but any chance I get to insert some peace and self-care into my day, I'm making a conscious habit of remembering. 3pm Never Felt So Good!


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When was the last time you really gave yourself a good pampering? Here's my new favourite go-to bath bliss: First, as the bath is filling, dry brush your entire body in upwards circular motions towards your heart. Then, with a few drops of your calming oil of choice (I use lavender or the Harmony blend) massage into your skin all over, minus the face. Toss a scoop or two of the Rescue & Renew Detox Soak (with impurity removing and radiance boosting properties) into the water and sink in with a guided meditation by candlelight. Finish with the Detox Wash in the shower and lather in a skin firming body oil once dry. You Will LOVE the Skin Your In.


pure essential oil uses samantha clark blog


What's your favourite use for essential oils?
Let me know your best tips in the comments below.
I'm really loving exploring them and making them a permanent part of my day-to-day routine.


*The typical results are different for everyone. Results vary depending on individual effort, skin type, body composition, age, eating patterns, exercise, and the like.






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