3 Ways to Make Mother’s Day Gifting Less Ordinary

I'm a lover of gifting. I find it one of the most fun things to do and I'm often complimented on it and asked for advice about it. Some people get it really right, so many people get it oh so wrong. With some people you can feel the genuine care and thought gone into the act of gifting and other's do more offence in their attempts - or lack thereof - than if they didn't gift anything at all.

And I get it, gift giving is not what celebratory moments are all about - they're about the person, their achievement, their love, and thanking and appreciating them as a wonderful human. So yes, just as much emphasis must be placed on you showing up with an equally awesome attitude to express what they mean to you. And I mean really showing up in timeliness, full undivided presence, kind words, physical affection and being of service to the person. 

But we know receiving gifts is also one of The Five Love Languages, and a more enjoyable one for all than you may think. It's been said (and I've conducted my own stunning experiments on this) that those who give the gift can often feel greater pleasure in the giving than the receiver, and that even those witnessing the exchange can benefit from the feelings of love and compassion to the point of inspiring their own generosity towards someone else, simply for the joy of sharing their joy. It's a delicious ripple effect you'll now start to notice yourself and others doing so naturally during and for a time following a celebration. Just another reason I love the whole process.


So with Mother's Day coming up - and let's face it, there's always a reason to celebrate something - it's a perfect time to dive into making gifting less ordinary - more magical! Especially if you're not the best at it... 



Everyone has been given a gaudy paper bag with gift plonked inside before. Heck I'm guilty of it too. But blah. It's so boring. Put some TLC into it and wrap with the best quality paper you can find. Usually that's the stuff that's not on a 10m roll bulk buy, but I did find some great quirky roll wrapping paper at Ikea that was thick and glossy (and featured in this vlog). The lengths you find behind gift store cashier's are always a win....especially if you ask them to wrap it for you. And most places will when you ask, and whether complimentary or for a few dollars more, it's always worth it. The thick ribbon, the perfectly squared corners, and the discreetly placed tape - it's absolutely an art. But a fun one worth putting some effort into. And PS: Theme the colour scheme to the gift or occasion wherever possible. I promise you the receiver will find delight in your beautifully wrapped creation!



Some of the best gifts I've given I've only ever seen on a screen. It's so easy to shop online from almost anywhere these days and have your basket of goodies arrive at your recipients door safe, secure and with free delivery. And the choices on sites such as this one are endless. You may even end up doing a bit of the old 'one for them, one for me' routine as you add to cart! (It's OK, you earned it 😉 )



Yassss. Personalisation is everywhere right now, and for good reason - everyone should be celebrating their own monogram or mantra as they open their wallet, drink from their gin glass, or light their favourite candle. I'm all for catching the good vibes wherever you can, and no doubt your gift recipient would appreciate the sentiment too. Plus, it's something they are much more likely to use and cherish, which is always nice to know! So go for the customisation and make a simple but significant statement. 

Anyone else a mad-keen gifter? Or do you know someone who is?
What's the best gift you've ever given or received?!
Drop all the deets below because you know I so wanna know!!





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