8 Ways to Feel Better When You’re Sick & Hating It

I was recently really sick (not so surprisingly, just after I wrote this post) with a gross virus that left me bedridden for five days with headaches, coughing, a running nose, raspy throat, and the worst - nausea. But I learnt a few things helped me a LOT. And I know, you'll just about do anything when you feel like shite to feel better (and be way more grateful for it!), so tab this one as the seasons change.... just. in.case.


ways to feel better fast sick


SLEEP - for obvious reasons....don't fight it guys, get more of it every chance you get. Defs changing my sleep patterns to be in bed at 10.30pm at the latest after this. Lap it up girl.



ARBONNE HYDRATION DRINK - If, like me, you're vomiting and coughing and generally extremely dehydrated, these little sachets are the bomb. I notice a reduced severity in headaches within minutes of drinking one and because it tastes so nice I also feel half human again. Big tick.



MISO SOUP - Can you believe I've only just discovered this stuff (thanks Cheryl)! It is heaven-sent in getting food in your belly and the comforting warmth might just put you off to sleep again. Yes to all those fermented micro-organisms doing their thang!



ARBONNE GREENS CONCENTRATE - I rarely stray from having my breakfast smoothies (going halvies with Ben when I was sick though) and packing them full of greens, fruits, pro-biotics, and super foods. It got something gentle in my tummy but also gave me a glimmer of vitality. Fight those germs you good greens!



APPLE CIDER VINEGAR & WARM LEMON WATER - Sip on this is a stella way to keep the coughs at bay and ACV in general is so damn good for you. Drink with a straw to protect your pearly whites though, friends.



ARBONNE LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL - This is basically in my diffuser non-stop whenever there's a hint of flu in the air...and it'S gold in helping to get your sense of smell back!! Keeping an otherwise icky room fresh and alive keeps them positive vibes flowing.



BROCCOLI, SNOW PEAS & BRUSSEL SPROUTS - When I was sick I woke up craving this combo so yay for full food and yay for it's simple deliciousness. With a bit of coconut oil and pepper too. Better than vegemite on toast guys 😉



And finally, STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA - It's headache inducing enough to stare at a tiny screen for any length of time, let alone, scroll, try to read off it, or try to think of something to write. If reading this is about the extent of today's activities then be totally OK with that. Even Beyonce takes a day off sista!



Annnnnd I'm using this wonderful meditation to remind myself of all that.
Even if you are well, have a listen, maybe several times over....I love it!

*The typical results are different for everyone. Results vary depending on individual effort, body composition, age, eating patterns, exercise, and the like.





"Your body hears everything your mind says."  
- Naomi Judd

feel better soon get well sick quotes


PS. I know it's easy to beat yourself up because you got sick and you 'don't have time for that.' But whatever you missed (well almost anything) can be caught up on, done later, handled by someone else, or if you're inclined to think like me...you just weren't meant to be there. It's probs not a wise move to own the sickness and keeping it around longer than it needs to be here by acting the patient or getting all woe is me. AKA bungin it on. Legit term.

Instead, try to understand where the dis-ease in your mind and body started, and work to heal it and recognize it's patterns so you can tend to it sooner when next you feel it coming. That means listening to your mind and body, heaping does's of self care - and yes - sticking to a healthy living routine as much as possible...because you know how good you feel when you really do look after yourself and tune in. And don't we all wanna feel that way all the time? 

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